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Frequently used car trading problems, the Internet platform to become the key to security – Sohu Tec candy boy

In the second-hand car trading platform has become a key problem of Internet security technology – Sohu second-hand car market has always been one of the dragons and fishes jumbled together in this market, the market, the biggest problem is the lack of transparency of information, sell better than buying fine, what is the problem of the crystal clear to his car, and bad the seller will cover some, and found some problems waiting for the buyer, the seller may still be denied their own problems, to shirk responsibility to the buyer, and the buyer clearly reasoned, the identification process is quite cumbersome, the process of rights difficult said of an aged person. The above problems, to Internet Co innovation opportunities, as by a comprehensive transformation of the taxi market, the Internet Co involved in the second-hand car market, it also brings a new industry outlook, the characteristics of openness and transparency, so that the entire second-hand car market has become very transparent, in addition to protect the rights and interests of Internet Co more than the traditional people-oriented, allows users to remove all the tedious process, no need of hard rights. Of course, due to the particularity of the second-hand car, whether traditional or Internet Co can not be completely to ensure the reliability of the information of the vehicle, there are one percent possible a fish escaped through the seine. Therefore, from the entire second-hand car trading links, the transaction for the protection of the user to be able to reflect the merits of the two, in particular, such as second-hand car trading is more necessary to protect the transaction. Previously, Chongqing citizens Mr. Lei posted on the Internet, said to buy a car accident in all car platform, and the car is all reflect some typical characteristics of Internet Co to user complaints. A more open and timely response to the traditional second-hand car dealers, used car basically belongs to the short-lived business, so usually do not care about customer service, and once the problem immediately tuisanzusi, playing ball games, let the buyer to seller, and the seller also has not appeared, the formation of the cycle of death, while the buyers no complaints. Everyone but the car, second days in the event, Mr. Lei immediately and consultation, announced a full refund and compensation for the resulting loss, while in the third days immediately issued an open letter to clarify the whole network affair. This attitude quickly and openly, can be said to be the industry previously not possible, for the traditional second-hand car dealer, every ordinary users do not have the destructive power, transmission capacity is limited, due to the asymmetry of information, it can not sleep without any anxiety is necessary to carefully deal with. The Internet Co is different, with its natural media attribute, the communication need to rely on the Internet, ofreputation need the Internet to complete, so any negative news is not allowed, which forced the Internet Co to do service. There is a simple principle of economics, the traditional second-hand car dealers, pit a user will not cause too much damage to its, by all means it can muddle through, pit one is one, each user will not cause too much impact on the low cost. But for Internet Co, as long as the service to allow any user dissatisfaction"相关的主题文章: