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Foster a creative child, try to do so (strongly recommended) – Sohu maternal and child e2140

Foster a creative child, try to do so (strongly recommended) – Sohu maternal and child over the years, the child’s imagination, creativity has been more and more respected. In this era of continuous pursuit of individuality, imagination and creativity is very important. To cultivate children’s imagination and creativity, it is necessary to understand the child’s thinking development law. We know that the child’s thinking is based on action thinking and specific image thinking. So what is thinking? Is such a process in general: our senses are exposed to external things, the sensory nerve cells will produce impulses to the brain excitement, feeling different, feeling connected and integrated to form perceptual information perceived form representation in the mind, and the representation of thinking is the thinking in images. That is to say, to cultivate a clever child, is to adapt to the development of the child characteristics, provide the conditions to give children more exposure to specific things, more active exploration and development opportunities and exercise all aspects of perception. Unfortunately in life, many parents are doing the opposite, hinder children’s development of thinking naturally or half unconsciously. For example, parents often reflect themselves in the best of spirits to the children to buy books, just opened before reading to him, the little guy grabbed a page torn. In this regard, parents are very depressed, how to do so that children do not tear paper ah?" Children from nine to ten months (when the child’s thumb and index finger can be pinched), began to have the behavior of tearing paper. In this regard, parents will be a headache, because they are trying to tear what they have to tear, pull a tear, the home of paper towels, newspapers, books…… As long as they are able to pull things, spared all turned into a scrap of paper. Parents do not understand: "this is what fun?" In their view, tear the child’s behavior is a kind of destructive activity, it will tend to prevent the child’s behavior; but from the view of development, the paper can not only promote the differentiation of child finger function, but also to exercise the child’s ability and intellectual development of children, let the children hand eye coordination at the same time. More to stimulate their imagination and creativity. Note that the child’s thinking development is mainly carried out in the game. Take the paper, the child is using sensory awareness and action (e.g., hand tearing, hand eye coordination, ears to hear the voice of resolution on paper and hand touch with the size of the force, the adult movement observation and imitation, etc.) to develop their own wisdom. Specifically, the development of children tearing activity and thinking activity are closely linked:? The children before the age of three, to tear their paper activities of subjective purpose is relatively small, is tearing up, is a simple mechanical action on the physiological, finger and arm operation. For children, more is to help establish the connection between the finger movement and the brain. This is a very basic and important activity for the development of the child’s brain function. If at this stage, the child’s torn paper activities are interfered or blocked, the child will not only reduce the interest in paper tearing activities, but also the development of fine finger movements are limited, the development of natural thinking is also blocked. 3~5)相关的主题文章: