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Former richest man in Shaanxi, the company lost 20 million pounds in six months to announce the sale www.seseou.com

Former richest man in Shaanxi, the company issued a notice of loss of 20 million yuan to sell half a year in Beijing, He Zenglin, chairman of the board and the defense of the eastern part of the property market unpopular not only attracted individual investors, listed companies are also competing to participate in the 3. Following the *ST Ning B intends to dispose of two sets of Beijing school district room cited hot, Shaanxi also intends to sell the listed company is located in Beijing real estate. For the last couple of days and the defense of Shaanxi’s richest man and defense day after September 27th announced the closing of a "notice" on the proposed disposal of real estate, located in Beijing City, Chaoyang District intends to sell 3 sets of real estate, the transfer price of not less than 26 million 300 thousand yuan in total. It is understood that the 3 sets of real estate purchased respectively in 2009, 2010, the original book value of 15 million 4 thousand and 900 yuan total assets. In other words, if the transfer price is now used to reduce the original purchase price, do not consider other factors, such as taxes and fees, into a day and defense can earn about 10000000 yuan. Public information, Limited by Share Ltd day and defense technology Xi’an established in 2000, mainly engaged in the electronic information system of dual-use machine and ancillary equipment, electronic product development, production and other services, September 2014 listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange. As a people join the army, high-tech companies, before more through project investment, technical cooperation and other news appeared in front of the public. In last year’s "2015 Hurun Report" on that day and defense chairman He Zenglin, his wife Liu Danying in 6 billion 400 million yuan of wealth has become the new richest man in Shaanxi. The day and the Defense said in the announcement: to be in Beijing Shijingshan Zhongguancun investment to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, the original purchase of real estate is idle, to avoid the waste of resources, but also to effectively revitalize the company’s assets, intends to transfer the disposal, is expected to produce about 10 million yuan of income. If the transaction can be completed in 2016, will have an impact on the operating results of the year; can not be completed in 2016, will not have an impact on the performance of the year. The first half of a loss of over 20 million yuan is real "fill the hole? Data figure recently the most famous sellers should be regarded as *ST Ning Tong B. The company sold two sets of Beijing school district room, although the proceeds are expected to make up for losses in the first half of the year, is still known as the real shell. Chi reverie, and the defense of the real estate move is also linked to the. China Daily reporter noted that the reason that day and defense need real losses, mainly due to the decline in the performance of the last two years. Days and defense results show that last year the company’s net profit loss of 55 million 327 thousand and 100 yuan in the first half of this year, a loss of $21 million 701 thousand and 100. In this context, the company sold the house in Beijing is "money", is also the industry that is, cash losses stop fill the hole". Some analysts believe that the day and defense may have faced losses for two consecutive years of crisis, to avoid the worst in the second half of this year, the company must make a turnaround. In the case of the main business downturn, similar to the disposal of real estate investment income obtained, is undoubtedly a good thing to increase. The real "fill the hole", Huatai Securities investment adviser Zhou Zhiwei believes that the real estate listed companies can not simply stop losses, cash and fill the hole)相关的主题文章: