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Foreign media attention Chinese "the most beautiful wild the Great Wall disfigured": cultural relics protection concept behind the Sohu news China northeast section of the Great Wall on the gravel road, it has wiped out the old criticism that the iconic features. (source: United States "New York Times" website) reference news network September 24 news media said, recently, the netizen released pictures show, Chinese national key cultural relics protection units of small "mortar" the Great Wall estuary, into a bare cement wall, causing social concern and criticism. The "New York Times" website in September 23 published an article entitled "" the most beautiful wild the Great Wall was disfigured, angered Chinese "reported that Chinese the Great Wall, the composition of the scattered contours1, proud symbol is a nation full of excitement.. The Great Wall is also a monument to the Chinese imperial style, although it is so magnificent. Now, there is a section of the Great Wall has become more visible, but the reason is very bad. This week, China preservationists, netizens and media commentators they saw the picture outraged, picture display, the smear a layer of white material in weathered stone, using this method to repair the northeast section of the crumbling the Great Wall. This was evocative of 700 years old wild the Great Wall, now looks like the wilderness is a cement road plate drop from the clouds. Liu Fusheng, who is concerned about the matter, said officials were worried that the loss of water and soil, coupled with the tourists’ walk on the the Great Wall, would cause it to collapse, so that people could repair it. But in a hurry, they erase people value the original style, including the battlement and watchtowers. "Like the head on nose ears were gone," on this section of the Great Wall has 15 years of Liu Fusheng said, "the crenels wall had a stone statue, but before renovation, some already fell to the ground." "They didn’t take the statue back to their original position and threw it aside," said Liu Fusheng. "They used new bricks to fill the gap, and it saved a lot of money." Reported that this section of the Great Wall was founded in 1381, is a part of the Ming Dynasty emperor built a huge defense and protection network, the purpose is to resist the nomadic tribes on the grasslands, maintaining public order. Vice president of the the Great Wall society of China, the Great Wall protection experts Dong Yao will call this repair is a very low-level mistakes". "The principle of repairing the Great Wall is to minimize the intervention," Dong Yaohui said. "It doesn’t matter whether you use mortar or cement. Repair like this, the culture and history have all been erased." He said that the the Great Wall Association, which has been funded by the government, has been investigating the damage along the entire the Great Wall, hoping to inspire more protective action and stronger protection rules. "The Great Wall has a lot of damage," he said. Officials in charge of the the Great Wall cultural relics insisted they had no problem. They said that the the Great Wall was in danger of collapse, and that the higher authorities approved their plan, and that, like a dental emergency, beauty was not a priority. But since this incident caused these officials acknowledged that Public opinion is seething with indignation., repair.相关的主题文章: