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For overseas negative events is unhealthy mentality of justifying 660003

For overseas negative events is not a healthy attitude not justifying their ethnic and national form of objective cognition, but the above expectations imposed on the facts of their own, this is a bad atmosphere of public opinion in the present society. In Chinese traditional cognition, the image of the Chinese people is very important. From childhood we are education, must do their best to be in front of foreigners, not to the state and national "smearing" disgrace". What happens whenever foreign related Chinese news, the domestic audience will have to redouble their attention, if it is for the good opinion, never stingy to give praise, and if the destruction of the Chinese image, condemnation is no mercy. However, in recent years, public opinion seems to have undergone some changes. This is not to say that people do not attach importance to the image of overseas, people are still very concerned about the evaluation of foreigners to the Chinese people. However, when a country’s foreign uncivilized behavior was exposed, some people not only do not condemn the implementation of uncivilized behavior of the parties, but to defend the uncivilized behavior, and even do not admit the fact. Recently, Chinese tourists cover was exposed in Japan after the theft of the toilet, many people first reaction is "do not believe this is true, some people even though" rumor "; in the official agency confirmed the authenticity of the event, and resolutely refused to admit the fact. Then, there are Chinese for urinating and clashed with police arrested in Australia, many people not only blind to the bad behavior of the parties, in turn accused Australia of police law enforcement is too strict. So, be too numerous to enumerate. Which country has uncivilized people, individual Chinese behavior is not civilized outside, it can not be counted. However, many people attitude to the case, but as a prism reflects the common improper attitude — their self deception, refused to admit. Some people have done something disgraceful outside, of course, will affect the image of the Chinese people. But the reason that ordinary Chinese do not need to bear responsibility for these an evil member of the herd. Similar events occur, we openly admit that if mistakes, that’s good. However, some people can not be open-minded about some of China’s negative image abroad. They do not consciously put themselves into the position based on an evil member of the herd, their mentality, trying to defend the. If they find it really impossible to defend, simply put a gesture of self deception, refused to admit the facts. It is very popular in the social network on the recent "wait for inversion", is the manifestation of self deception. When the news facts and psychological expectations do not match, some people can not adapt to the state of mind, expect the news to "reverse" to meet their expectations. Can not form an objective understanding of their own nation and state, but put their expectations on the facts above, this is a bad atmosphere of public opinion. Some people have such a mentality, not because they do not attach importance to the image of overseas chinese. On the contrary, it is precisely because they are ashamed to admit the uncivilized behavior of their compatriots, only to deny the fact that they do not want to admit. However, the negative impact of self deception, not only can’t undo the uncivilized behavior, but also let outsiders see joke. This mentality if long.相关的主题文章: