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For five years, is exactly what the workers heresy – public opinion Channel – People’s network minmi

For five years, is exactly what the workers "heresy"? After a public opinion channel — people.com.cn workers in the State Ethnic Affairs Commission belongs to a unit, 5 years, he not only out of the workers in the preparation, and be promoted step by step become positive level officials. The day before, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission Party issued "on patrol rectification briefing", the disclosure of the illegal use of events. As a central inspection, the local department, some paper.but pierce the cover tightly, let be ugly and evil completely exposed, accept the party discipline examination and punishment, let party disloyalty Behavior Anomie, with no fear, no stopping, instant exposure in front of the world, the cheerful more than, more people reflect on. Such as the National Commission for the workers, how there are so magical, 5 years from the implementation of the workers in the preparation to level officials of the gorgeous turn? With the human system and mechanism problems since Needless to say, more right to speak solely on their job. However, a promotion, a few years have to follow the prescribed order level to promote, the workers behind the control hand energy, can not let people fall into a reverie. Once the power of anomie, the rules, the black box operation will have a room, which is the corrosion of the ruling party hotbed, damage the credibility of the government, the killer bomb, because the relation between the party and the masses, the masses of the discerning eyes of the masses, judgment is fair. Although not announced specific parties and events, but we know what treatment results: State Ethnic Affairs Commission party said the rectification period, one by one check all cadres, found that 5 units of illegal entry, 7 people have been transferred to the illegal qingtui, 5 people by the organization. 1 workers in 5 years promoted to subordinate units level cadres party secretary, ministers of the organization of primary leadership responsibility is accountability. The key question is, from workers to public officials, to experience identity conversion and promotion level, from the clerk to the clerk, Fu Keji, zhengkeji, deputy director level officials until, with only five years to achieve truly reborn, is a fast-paced ride on the "Liyudiaolongmen" in the end, what are the use of "heresy"? It is worth studying carefully and learn a lesson. However, this can not see the light, the light will meet with death, anti-corruption fist does not allow any rules. Justice delayed is justice, just let people heart somewhat regret: if not the central inspection teams to the Central Committee of the party, if not the potential to thunder anti hypertension, these dirty things, see the light when really is a mystery. Even in the eyes of the relevant departments of the relevant organizations, the relevant personnel will not necessarily do not make mistakes, mistakes can not be corrected. Absolute power and absolute corruption, so easily hanging on the hook, and tested, once again highlighted the power restriction and supervision of the extreme importance. Official corruption is the biggest corruption, corruption will inevitably lead to the right people for corruption. General secretary pointed out in the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the five plenary session of the speech: these years, although we continue to vigorously straighten people on unwholesome tendencies from the investigation of the case, however, cronyism)相关的主题文章: