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Focus on the couple quarrel with those things Sha Yi my cell phone at any time to see Hu He plustek

Focus on those things between husband and wife Sha Yi: after my mobile phone at any time to see Hu He – Beijing, following the previous show discussed "that thing" of the Internet, "said tonight Zhejiang TV theme" value war "against those things couples quarrel". According to statistics, the reason is the highest proportion of personal privacy problem quarrel between husband and wife, and now in the information age, with the development and popularization of intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone for personal privacy and secret carrying too much, became a husband and wife can not touch the minefield". Program, Sha Yi is very simple to look at the phone as a couple table loyalty means, bluntly: if you really do not have anything, why don’t you give him a cell phone?" After more frankly: my phone password even my two-year-old son know, my wife, let alone, she wants to see at any time can be opened to see." The past seems only his wife is from "Sha Yi’s" macho ", said:" I am very domineering as the head of the family, as a pure man, in my position at home, my wife and I want to see the mobile phone, no problem." Other guests surprised the scene. But Sha Yi of these words is that Hu He was not present when Hu He suddenly appeared and the tone is quite cold and asked: "I heard someone want to see my mobile phone", Sha Yi suddenly became natural. The sudden appearance of Hu He apparently stood on the opposite side of her husband, the husband and wife scene "break off" quite interesting, "said Sha Yi. (Miao Bao)相关的主题文章: