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Flower mother-in-law Fang Suzhen a good picture of what kind of temperament Sohu – mentalist

"Flower mother-in-law" Fang Suzhen: a good picture of what kind of temperament? Sohu – mother Zhang Anni not long ago, keen to sow the seeds of "flower mother-in-law" reading Fang Suzhen by Beijing painting reading education invited once again came to Beijing, accepted the "parents" must read magazine exclusive interview. A group of novice parents love picture books are growing up, so this time, we will return to the topic of reading parents are most concerned about "what is a good picture book" and "how to read". A good picture is the mirror is a bridge to Fang Suzhen said: "a good picture book in which you can let the children find their own shadow; let parents see their children." She likes to use her little son for example. She said that when she was about 5 years old, she could read "David can’t". But the picture book is "fermented" in their lives, until one day after the junior high school. Like all the naughty little boys, that fat stones in school made a mistake, the teacher on the phone call to my mother. Fang Suzhen said she was as angry as all her mother. When she got home that night, she found her son was not at home. At this time, she received a text message on the phone, is fat stone hair come over, told her mother went to the park near the home to stand! And ready to stand at 12 in the evening, not to eat dinner! Fang Suzhen is 16 years old and fat stone picture was in the heart exclaimed: "Oh, he’s a little fat man, he is the most love things to eat!" After that, she immediately understood the intention of his son – he is like "David can not" in the complex, as in the actual action to tell her mother, "I was wrong!" That night, the fat stone came home and didn’t go to bed, but sat quietly at the bedside. He was waiting for — like "David" can not David in the past, for her mother to give him a hug. Fang Suzhen, of course, went to hug him! "The book can let parents and children empathy, resulting in consensus and common sense. Of course, the picture does not mean there will be family problem, but at least in a parenting point, picture books will make temporary tension parent-child relationship to get the buffer." Fang Suzhen commented on the matter. She also believes that a good picture book or a bridge, can let parents and children understand each other. A good picture of healing function in children read picture books, many parents wanted a picture book "efficacy" appear immediately, once the short term did not see the child to what books from the school, will be very disappointed. So, what kind of mentality should be used to read it? Fang Suzhen said: "a good book is like a seed, sowing down, wait a day before germination, flowering in the mind of a child." Indeed, her fat stone limitations, "David" is not in the years after. Similarly, a good picture also put some good things spread to the adult heart. Fang Suzhen said she is a set of picture book creators, translators and promotion in a will also use picture books to the children themselves, "hello" big mama, read in and children at the same time, they are more and more相关的主题文章: