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Female cashier ID boarded a false arrest warrant was cheated 1 million 270 thousand yuan-haole010.com

Female cashier ID on the false wanted a panic cheated 1 million 270 thousand yuan original title: a "warrant" cheated 1 million 270 thousand Yuan Yang days ago she received a phone call to the newspaper, said the account involved in money laundering in Shanghai, I also wanted by the public security department, open a link sent to each mobile phone in sure enough, to see their personal information was hanging on the "wanted" poster. Flustered Ms. Yang quickly in accordance with the phone, police requirements, operating on the computer, the money into the security account". Until 1 million 270 thousand yuan in her account was stolen, she found cheated. Yesterday, the Beijing police said that some of the funds have been frozen in Ms. Yang’s account, the case is still under investigation. Strange calls the victim money laundering Ms. Yang told the Beijing morning news reporter, she as an accountant in a small company, some companies have temporary liquidity in its account. Two days ago, she suddenly received a Shanghai phone number, the phone was asked whether she opened in Shanghai accounts, there are 2 million 180 thousand yuan. "I have never been to Shanghai, not to mention there to open an account, but the phone can offer my ID number and registration address, speak closely reasoned and well argued". Ms. Yang quickly was said to be the other side. She recalls, the phone’s Schmidt, said her account involving illegal information, to the call directly to the Public Security Bureau of Shanghai City, she and the police to communicate. "I am also anxious to prove their innocence, with the." Ms. Yang said, once the phone is a self proclaimed "king of police man, he said Ms. Yang’s account should be stolen identity information to open an account," he said in my card 2 million 180 thousand yuan ‘money’, is a crime. And I’ve never been in contact before". Warrant cheated 1 million 270 thousand yuan Ms. Yang said, "officer Wang" in order to confirm the seriousness of the situation, sent a link to her mobile phone, "I opened a look, it is a photograph of my photo ID card" warrant ", written on the case that he had said the money laundering. I was so scared that I didn’t have a soul. When I was out of my mind, he asked me what I was doing." Ms. Yang said, Wang police let her a person with a bank card and U shield, alone to the unit near the hotel to open a computer room. "He specifically asked, in order to help me to guide my card money first into the security account, then they survey. But this will affect his work, so I have to keep it a secret". Ms. Yang said, when she was on the "king of police profusely. When ready, Ms. Yang in the police officer under the command of the U shield, log on to the other side of the public security system sent over the website operation. "After entering the bank card and password, he said let me in the U shield OK key on the fingerprint, and then turn off the computer screen, as long as the location of the OK key on the line". Soon, Ms. Yang’s mobile phone received a number of transfer information, the company’s 1 million 270 thousand yuan in the purchase of all the money in the account was turned away. "I know that I was deceived, and questioned the phone, he hung up the phone". Reporters call Ms. Yang Shanghai phone number told not this prop相关的主题文章: