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Faye Wong Jay Chou to Luhan Wu Yifan, national singer by Yan value is difficult to continue-519697

Faye Wong Jay Chou to Luhan Wu Yifan, national singer by Yan value difficult to continue public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: Chinese music "national artist" by Yan lean value and referred to the "national singer" speculation difficult to continue, who will you think of? Sina entertainment recently conducted a survey on "after 00", found their favorite pop singer was first popular in 2000 Jay Chou, rather than Wu Yifan, Luhan and TFBOYS popular niche. Faye Wong and around the investigation of the theme of the forum, many musicians said, although the Chinese music channel diversification, more personality, but has been a long time not born popular singer, "national singer" facing lean situation, long-term support of the yen value and speculation by some popular singer fans can’t get the. Since the reform and opening up the evolution of national singer "disappeared Jay Chou on behalf of the music, there are a number of singers, their fans from 8 years old to 80 years old, Li Guyi from the mainland, Zheng Xulan, Mao Amin, Liu Huan, Na Ying, Teresa Teng, Kris Phillips, Hong Kong and Taiwan to the" four big king ", Faye Wong. In recent years, this can cover more than the age of the "national singer" has become less and less. "This is mainly because of the change of media," was the creation of "my dream" China "love in the air" writer Cui Shu thinks, "before a program can featuring song, now can choose the platform too much, one big singers are very difficult to become a real sense. The ‘National singer’, which is inevitable in this era." In recent years, relative to the lack of music and music circles in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the spread of the mainland music channels increasingly diverse, multi focus. After many years will sing the concert of Faye Wong is still hard to get a vote, also confirms the "national young singer" lean. Wu Yifan critic Deng Ke said, "two levels of national singer" from the point of view, all the people love the singer did a little longer, but all the people know the singer, now TFBOYS is certain. "The media is divided, and everyone’s attention has been divided, there will be no traditional sense of ‘National singer’." Once trained Angela Chang, Christine Fan and other singers record producer Chen Junting believes that the "national artist" is not a bad thing to disappear, but on behalf of the evolution of music. "We do pop music, that is, in the era of the public to better meet the different needs, I think the ‘National singer’ name can only live in the past." The era singer needs to find, "fans" and "national Luhan singer" lean in stark contrast to the "singer fans" rushed into the sky. With high value, win the market speculation Yan fans of the singer ", is also accompanied by the criticism but hard work. The senior DJ had g opinion, not deny their existence and value, "regardless of your music or offbeat, high-end popular or mass, and support you need, and your temperament is consistent with the ‘fans’." Ke Ke said that in the singer to find a matching "fans" in the process, a variety of media platforms相关的主题文章: