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Father and son money wantonly corrupt skin a flea for its hide Kuquan its close hand Beijing – unmov-1256789

Father and son money wantonly corrupt skin a flea for its hide Kuquan its close hand Beijing – not only want an officer to make a fortune, eventually come to life and wealth — Anhui province Bengbu City Vice Mayor Liu Ya case recorded warning "I do not have what you don’t have to worry about, eat this drink enough we worry about, now, you can should pay attention to." The eighty-eight year old father more than once struggling to persuade. "Dad, the money must not, can not be more than a person’s life, the key to a good reputation." Twenty year old son repeatedly advised Liu Ya timely close hand. However, in the face of their loved ones through persuasion, Liu Ya was unmoved, he put the money as a ‘angry’, always think they are nobody, nobody asked ". "After thirty years, from a small business to earn money to make money in a flagrant way opportunistic," Liu Yayi step by step toward the abyss. In June 2013, the Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the former vice mayor of Bengbu city Liu Ya investigation of serious disciplinary problems. During the investigation, Liu sub office, illegal interfere and intervene in the market and business activities, and used his position to extort and accept bribes of about 12 million 600 thousand yuan, a huge amount of property with unidentified sources is about 3 million 640 thousand yuan, the illegal income of about 3 million 420 thousand yuan, the yield of about 2 million 900 thousand yuan, accepting gifts 238 thousand yuan. In August 2014, Liu Ya has been expelled from the party, dismissed from punishment. August 7, 2015, the Lu’an intermediate people’s court to take bribes, the use of influence bribery, a huge amount of property from unidentified sources sentenced Liu Ya to 20 years imprisonment and confiscation of personal property of $700 thousand. The value orientation of the dislocation, he became the skin a flea for its hide "captured" greed, Liu Ya from a middle school teacher grew into one of the leading cadres at the age of 32, he was promoted to deputy department level 35, level 42, promoted to deputy director level, working ability is not strong. Liu can also be the initial pursuit of progress, but also did some useful work. However, with the growing power of Liu Ya, relax on the transformation of the world, in the face of money temptation, outlook on life and values distorted, negative thoughts inflated, abandoned the ideals and beliefs, to embark on the crazy money no return. From the initial income of thousands of Yuan tremble with fear, to receive hundreds of thousands yuan, millions of dollars of his, Liu Ya completely changed. In order to get more benefits, Liu Ya repeatedly asked the leadership in charge of some important departments. He has many "activities", to the "real" power, water conservancy and other departments. As deputy mayor in charge of civil affairs, long-term relief work, Liu Ya didn’t have the energy to use care for vulnerable groups, the difficulties of the masses, but keen and wealthy businessman "friends, help solve problems, to pursue the maximization of individual interests, the party’s purpose behind. Liu Ya himself confessed: these people are poor people, what they eat every day, what to use, what to live, I know better than anyone else. Why not go to solve the problem of life of vulnerable groups, in the end did not put the people in mind, forget the fundamental purpose of the party serving the people wholeheartedly, forget the deep connotation of the party’s close ties with the masses, the masses have for a long time)相关的主题文章: