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Experts talk about meeting the G20 summit in Hangzhou and Goa continuity – Politics – people.com.cn xhero

Experts talk about meeting the G20 summit in Hangzhou and Goa continuity – Politics – people.com.cn October 15th to 16, the eighth BRICs leaders meeting will be held in India Chinese Goa, President Xi Jinping attended the meeting. The GOA meeting theme create effective, inclusive and common solutions". Goa is meeting in September this year following the informal meeting of the leaders of the BRIC countries of Hangzhou, the five leaders meet again, is of great significance. The BRICs leaders meeting in September this year from Goa G20 summit in Hangzhou only 1 months, China Russian Academy of Social Sciences in Eastern Europe and Central Asia Research Institute researcher Li Jianmin said in an interview with reporters, the two meeting of the theme settings reflect the continuity, emphasis on "inclusive linkage" is common. He pointed out that "the meeting will be put forward in developing countries in the implementation of Goa G20 summit’s plans and initiatives on the basis of a more specific proposal". From the beginning of 2013, the leaders of the BRIC countries held an informal meeting before the G20 summit has become a practice, the purpose is to strengthen communication and coordination between the BRIC countries, in order to issue a more consistent, more powerful voice. BRIC countries represent the emerging economies of the world, but also an important member of the group of twenty. Currently, the BRIC countries accounted for 43% of the world’s total population of GDP, accounting for of the world, trade accounted for about 17% of the world. In an informal meeting in Hangzhou, President Xi Jinping stressed: BRIC countries are emerging markets and developing countries, is also an important member of the group of twenty." This year is the 10 anniversary of the establishment of BRICs cooperation mechanism. Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong pointed out that after 10 years of rapid development, the BRIC countries continue to expand cooperation in the field of cooperation mechanisms continue to improve. Li Jianmin believes that in the face of the current downturn in the world economy, the BRIC countries should first solve their own economic development and further consensus issues, and propose appropriate solutions. To solve this problem, Li Jianmin pointed out two aspects: one is the BRIC countries the countries generally agree to accept the blueprint for the development of strategic and pragmatic cooperation between each other, carry out a full range of action in the fields of trade, investment, finance, production cooperation, explore new growth momentum, the challenges and problems facing their domestic the strengthening of international cooperation; on the other hand, the BRICs foreign still represents developing countries sound, strengthen communication and coordination on major international issues and safeguard common interests. Actively participate in the affairs of global governance, promote the reform of the world multilateral organizations, in the establishment of the international financial safety net, to deal with unexpected economic risks and major economies, trade protectionism, international terrorism, climate change and other issues to strengthen coordination, assume the provision of global public goods responsibility. Li Jianmin said, regardless of the volume and development potential, the BRIC countries are the main driving force for long-term growth of the world economy. Currently, BRIC countries are actively adjust the development strategy to deal with the impact of the world economy and the financial crisis. The BRICs Chinese and India’s economy will maintain rapid growth, the Russian economy has survived the winter or bottoming out, the economy of Brazil is the most difficult period of the past, the economy of South Africa also see)相关的主题文章: