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Exercise + massage fast and effective farewell to small thick legs – People’s Health Network -vy canis majoris

Massage exercise +   effective bid farewell to the small thick legs people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: exercise + massage fast and effective bid farewell to the small elephant legs, thick legs radish legs makes you fat in your shorts and miniskirts missed, because the idea of trying to find the stovepipe style, in addition to a reasonable diet besides, massage can fulfill the requirement of your every day, according to a press, let you easily say goodbye to big thick legs. Targeted stovepipe movement in order to maintain a good leg line every day, the removal of thigh fat, should be targeted to exercise every day. These movements are not complicated, just a few simple actions, insist on doing a few minutes a day, one or two months to see the effect. 1, simulation of riding a bicycle lying in bed, legs and body was 90 degrees up, like a bike to circle 200. Then lay his legs up (you can also take on the wall), wide open to both sides together, like scissors open, insist on doing 10 minutes. 2, climbing stairs usually as much as possible to walk, when you can climb stairs, do not take the elevator. 3, stretching his arms drooping, a leg knee squat (or stand), keep the back straight, another leg stretched back until parallel with the ground; or in the same location, the other leg straight to the side, until the 90 degree angle with the body, each leg of 3 groups, each group of 10 time. First it stovepipe acupressure, massage it before the start of 1, can get rid of the body between the thigh and the calf is cold, smooth circulation, and can let the calf muscle growth and prepare for massage. Methods: beat the thigh with both sides of the fist, from the outside of the thigh root (stand up a hip position) has been knocked to the outside of the knee, repeatedly beat 50 times. Next, from the outside of the knee has been knocked to the ankle outside, repeatedly beat 50 times. Note that on the strength of not too much, as long as a slight pain can. 2, alternating hot and cold bath method of bubble bath or legs, soaked in 38 to 48 degrees Celsius hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. Let the body temperature gradually rose to 38 degrees Celsius, the body began to sweat (Wang Yawei, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章: