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Excellent step test driverless car passenger service you dare to sit on the media reporters to experience driverless car. Xinhua United States dare to sit it? Excellent step test unmanned passenger taxi software company in the United States excellent step 14 launch driverless car passenger service, in the eastern United States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh road trial run. The same day, 4 models for Ford Fusion driverless car debut street. They are equipped with multiple cameras, GPS and radar detection system for weather and road conditions and other sensors, driving in the Pittsburgh complex on the road, with regular excellent step software. The Associated Press reported that the trial run on the same day, 4 driverless cars in accordance with the normal procedures, orders, about driverless car passengers, the free experience of driverless car passenger service. In spite of the fact that the car is on autopilot, but for the sake of safety, each driverless car is equipped with two engineers to ensure that the vehicle is running smoothly. One of them sat on the driver’s seat, ready to control the vehicle at any time on the thorny road, while the other was monitoring the dynamics of the car. Taylor, 27, was one of the passengers who had been driving around for the day. He said that in the 15 minutes to go to their work place, the Ford Fusion feel sensitive, all the way well, and usually take advantage of the passenger car". In Pittsburgh, the director of the center for advanced technology and step, cricorian Rafi said, "we believe that the cars can help ease traffic congestion." The Associated Press reported that before the trial run passengers, excellent step driverless cars on the road test in Pittsburgh less than two years. But the test results show that these vehicles are sufficient to deal with the majority of cases, with many real driving vehicles. Although the trial operation has been launched, some experts predict that excellent step pure driverless car passenger plan takes years or even decades to achieve. "If the driverless cars on the road at about 70 miles (112 kilometers) per hour operation, once a failure occurs, the situation will become very bad," Carnegie – Mellon University Professor Raj Raj Kumar said, "this technology must be quite reliable to make the attendant completely leave the car." And can make passengers feel at ease is also a big challenge to choose a driverless car. University of Michigan, 14, released a study showed that about 23% of Americans made it clear that they will not take the driverless car. Liu Xi (Xinhua special feature) [shares] into Sina Finance discussion相关的主题文章: