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Everyone split its video social platform I show will be allocated to the shareholders of the corresp-solid converter

Video social platform everyone spin off its my show "will be distributed to the shareholders corresponding stake in Sina Francisco September 30th evening news, the company announced today that everyone intends to split one of its newly formed subsidiary (SpinCo), the company will be held at present all the company’s video social platform" my show ", and everyone most of the company’s minority shareholders equity investment. Everyone said that the resolution will reduce by all assets and liabilities are not included in the scope of the table and by the investment company investment, reduce all companies were identified as risk definition of corporate investment in the investment company act of 1940, and at the same time the social video business from everyone’s social network and Internet Banking business stripping, to reflect its independent investment potential. Notice: the company intends to shareholders in accordance with the proportion of shareholders to the corresponding distribution of the shares, the exercise of the shares of the shareholders can get SpinCo of the shares. The options are not transferable, and only in accordance with the investment company act of 1940 "qualified buyers" ("qualified purchasers") and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 in accordance with the "qualified investors" ("accredited investors") defined by the shareholders. The company intends to replace the lack of a fractional share in cash allocation, and the payment of cash to shareholders can not exercise or not the right choice. All the company intends to shareholders the right to choose the distribution of not less than 80% of SpinCo’s shares, and the company intends to everyone in accordance with the relevant requirements of the current U.S. tax law, the separation of design for the resolution of shareholders "United States tax". After the split, SpinCo will become a private company, not by the United States Securities Act of 1934 of listed companies report, and not on any stock exchange. Everyone will continue to retain the NYSE listed company status. Everyone will be released including the distribution of equity registration date, everyone shares on the equity ratio, equity allocation number and distribution date, equity exercise period, SpinCo equity allocation and the allocation of cash, or more details. According to the company of all the amended and restated articles of incorporation, the resolution of pending shareholders, Softbank group Affiliated Companies SB Corporation approved Pan Pacific. (Li Gen)相关的主题文章: