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Every day, NBA]15 [surplus ball basket color trend the Lakers home court advantage tokyo hot n0476

Every day, NBA]15 [surplus ball basket color trend: the Lakers home court advantage Tuesday Beijing time on November 15th, the basketball lottery sold 5 NBA tournament, Eastern Conference finals last season against the Raptors and knights fight again, the knight home court to make a –6.5, we can see both sides of the real strength gap. The nets to Losangeles, they will continue to challenge at the Staples Center Grand Army tomorrow; East ranked fourth, five of the Hornets and the bulls were away Western wolves and blazers; eagles visit to Miami to play back-to-back miami. Toronto outstanding Knight lost disk addiction   East, East will rival knights and last season two times this season against the Raptors, the beginning of the season, two teams have met in Toronto, Knight 3 away win over toronto. Knight expensive as the defending champion, the season starts 8 wins and 1 losses lead the East, but the winning game in the game, where the game is to win the game lost 7, really bad pit a lot of friends. Toronto recently state well, nearly 6 games 5 wins and 1 losses, but lost away wizards, one season away 3 wins. The two teams played nearly 10 times, the knight 5 wins and 5 losses is not dominant, the race is on the home court Toronto 5 game winning streak, the knight Lord let –6.5 and JR be without injury cases, to beware of Knight lost disk. The eastern part of another civil war, the eagle to face the heat, the heat this season success is bad, Wade and Rolle Deng to leave, the team had ceased to start the old style, 2 wins and 6 losses, has recently suffered 4 defeats, the team scoring only 95.5 points, second reciprocal alliance, today will also visit to San Antonio the core point guard de Rakic could be out of an ankle injury. The recent excellent condition, recently scored 4 game winning streak, 7 games this season the eagles win, including 5 games to 10 points above the margin of victory, the injury ravaged and the heat that is also terribly fatigued. Young pioneers is the other 3 wolves home court, Eastern Hornets, bulls and the nets were a guest in the western team. The Hornets vs wolves, the Hornets currently 6 wins and 3 losses record well, but recently suffered two defeats, respectively against Cleveland and Toronto, the team against teams or slightly tender; Minnesota yesterday ushered in the season third wins victory over the Lakers, averaging team lost 105.1 points to defense is still a problem, the face at present, the league’s top defensive team, the Hornets, raven Mohammed and rush may have missed the case, I am afraid overwhelmed. The bull vs Portland, bulls have won 2 straight state is good, only two opponents scored 95 points, defensive end have made considerable progress, but tomorrow’s game, Rondo and McDermott may have missed; Portland situation is very good, nearly 6 games 5 wins and 1 losses, 10 games this season the 9 game to Pobai, scoring no doubt, Amie is determined to be the slave of tomorrow’s game debut, but the last 10 games against the Blazers had 8 wins and 2 negative absolute advantage, this field is more optimistic about the young pioneers. The Lakers for the nets can not stop chelunzhan nets vs against the Los Angeles Lakers nets back-to-back hutch, today’s game, the nets allow Lopez to rest, P相关的主题文章: