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Eurozone inflation rate hit a new high of 2 in September-t6570

Eurozone September inflation rate hit a 2 year high U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time on the evening of 30, the economic data released Friday showed that in September the euro zone’s annual inflation rate rose to the highest level in nearly two years. However, the market is still doubtful whether the index will continue to rise and reach the ECB’s target, because the second increase in the number of unemployed in the past three months. Consumer price index rose slowly, failed to reach the level of the ECB has been looking forward to three years. In May this year, even though the European Central Bank introduced a package of stimulus measures, including negative interest rates and government bonds, the euro zone’s consumer price index fell even. The European Union Bureau of Statistics reported on Friday, the euro zone September consumer price index rose 0.4% year on year, the chain rose by 0.2%, a record high since October 2014. But the index is still below the 2% target set by the European Central bank. With the end of the sharp fall in energy prices, economists expect the consumer price index to rise by the end of this year to early next year. But the market doubts: if there is no local factors could push up inflation, rely on workers to increase spending to boost spending on consumer prices, the inflation trend could continue to grow to reach the European Central Bank’s target level. In fact, the European Bureau of statistics data show that excluding energy prices, the September consumer price index fell from 0.9% in August to $0.8%. Excluding energy, food and tobacco project core inflation data flat, not 0.8%. (Zhang Jun) responsible editor: Zhangjun SF065相关的主题文章: