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Europa: highly suspected surface water vapor jet over 200 km NASA astronomers used by Jupiter Europa in front of the opportunity, found the surface of Europa suspected a jet phenomena in 2012 two on the wood Wei suspected jet research and 2014 by comparing the image of Jupiter’s Europa research front during using the Harbert space telescope. Jupiter occultation image (left) shows the position shown in the circle of dark absorption signal in the same position, 2012 by Lorenz · a study led by Ross has found that hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms of radiation signal, which is composed of three components: water injection map wood Wei two of a diameter of 1565 kilometers only this is a large frozen satellite, the scientists concluded that internal structure of the moon. Blue is the global ocean under the ice, water is shown here to estimate all the earth water more than two times Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 27th morning news, U.S. Eastern time 26 14:00 (27 am Beijing time 2) NASA has just held a press conference, issued an important progress on the "Europa" of Europa to the outside world, scientists announced a satellite surface using the Harbert space telescope in Jupiter’s suspected water jet phenomenon, this finding may fly to the icy moon for the future, and the exploration of its ice ocean exploration projects provide a new option. Relevant experts attended this conference include: Paul · (Paul: Hertz); at NASA headquarters in Washington Astrophysics Division Director; William · Sparks (William Sparks): Baltimore astronomy Space Telescope Science Institute; Britt, · Schmidt (Britney Schmidt): Assistant Professor of earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta College; Jennifer · Weissman (Jennifer Wiseman): senior scientist Harbert Maryland project at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center; the full text of the conference news bulletin as follows: large ice "satellite astronomers using NASA’s Harbert Space Telescope captured Jupiter Europa (Europa) surface water may be Steam jet phenomenon. This observation supports the hypothesis that the ice satellite may have a vapor jet in its high latitudes. The results of the possibility of increased future to Europa detector can be obtained without ice drilling in underground water of the planet ocean samples. NASA headquarters in Washington science mission Commission deputy director Geoff · (Geoff Yoder); Yoda said: "the ocean on Europa is considered to be one of the solar system most likely place for life. These jets if confirmed, it will be possible to provide another access to the ice ocean water way to europa." Observation)相关的主题文章: