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Enough Peng friends, Eddie Peng, invite you to stay in his airbnb base – Sohu-kamikaze love

"Enough Peng friend" Eddie Peng, invite you into his Airbnb base – Sohu China Beijing, November 14, 2016 — concern Airbnb "odd house night" for global travelers in different places and strange dream one night stay opportunities. This year, Airbnb China’s "odd house night" will be landing in Shanghai, inviting you to live in the landlord Eddie Peng’s Secret base". Hospitable landlord also personally designed a special journey, "enough Peng friends" invites you to enjoy his eyes of Shanghai, explore new and interesting places.   X quest Airbnb Eddie Peng’s "secret base" of Eddie Peng’s "secret base" is located in Shanghai city of Xuhui District a hidden old alley, sitting on a big yard. There is a big lawn in the yard, planted all kinds of trees, in the morning can do exercise, breathe fresh air, open a beautiful day. The room space design incorporates many of Eddie Peng’s childhood memories and daily life elements, you can also use a large screen, lying on the couch watching the movie collection; or on the landing window, drink a cup of hot tea, and the landlord free chat. It is worth mentioning that, in the yard of the bike but the world champion with the money, you and the broken wind hand landlord can try to see if you can control.   in addition to the secret base, would also like to explore the life of Eddie Peng said: "I like to travel, because I like to go to different cities in the world to experience the lives of local people." As a landlord, Eddie Peng will welcome you to the secret base personally, "Peng you enough" together with you to explore his favorite Shanghai, he most often go with friends of the restaurant, he introduces the collection of objects, listening to his story, he lives in Shanghai. Finally, the photo you must remember and the most friendly Airbnb landlord a warm or funny.       you only need on the night of November 28th before 23:59:59, visit the Airbnb website "Eddie Peng’s secret base" housing link:   enter the secret base, please remember the special code to comply with the landlord made funny: before going to bed not to turn off the lights to play mobile phone, it is not good for your eyes, you play 2 hours. P, not only yourself don’t fall off the bed when sleeping, nosebleeds all night watching movies, eat supper will be fat Oh cold, don’t walk indoors barefoot, remember to wear socks Check in codename: Peng you enough相关的主题文章: