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Emma Watson dew was exposed pornographic sites-stand by me shinee

Emma Watson was the dew point according to pornographic website exposure Emma Watson Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Hermione played in the movie actress Emma Watson "Harry Potter" in (Emma Watson) already transformed into slim sexy young woman, her usual public spirited, had earlier been elected as a goodwill ambassador to the United nations. But she was the day before pornographic website exposure dew point according to her, through a lawyer to sue, forced the removal of the photo website. According to the U.S. website TMZ reported that Emma Watson had earlier filmed a set of dew point, was the United States pornographic website Celeb Jihad released on its website. It is reported that completely topless photos of her battle, wearing only a pink transparent chiffon blouse, chest two as the dew, photos on the site immediately after exposure, hundreds of people reproduced share. Elmar Watson Emma Watson is currently in New York, the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador at the United Nations Headquarters speech, she quickly sent through a lawyer legal letter, immediately withdraw request pornographic websites "dew photos", and stressed that these photos have copyright. On behalf of the lawyer explained that the photos were taken by Elmar’s personal image designer, and subsequently has been handed over to her, and therefore must be under the frame of the photo, or will be accused of infringement. According to reports, the porn site has been removed all the photos. ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: