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Eastern Ji’nan real estate was berserk 1224 Suites sold more than 2 hours www.ppp444.com

Eastern Ji’nan real estate was berserk 1224 Suites sold more than 2 hours on the morning of 17, Luneng Taishan No. seven in the opening scene, queuing rooms squeezed into a piece of the great. (readers for map) in the housing area, some houses have set a house within a few seconds. (readers for map) original title: crazy? Ji’nan East real estate was berserk trot a few seconds on the selected 17 Mid Autumn Festival is the last day of a small holiday, Ji’nan Dongcheng market crazy for holiday gift". On the morning of 17 March 9, Taishan Luneng seven projects opened in Ji’nan Olympic Sports Center, the first phase of the launch of 1224 houses, 2.5 hours will be looted, sales amounted to 1 billion 106 million, refresh the Eastern market opened a new record. A trot to room a few seconds selected on September 17th at 8:30 in the morning is Luneng Taishan No. seven scheduled opening time. About 5:30 in the morning, the Olympic Sports Center Stadium East door has a charge of people began queuing. An hour later, the stadium entrance has been crowded around, the staff even stuck in the outside. Due to the scene is too hot, the staff focused, resulting in slow attendance, the original 8:30 opening time, delayed half an hour. About 9 points, with a moderator announced that the election officially began. The housing group take Yaohao way, according to the order of the housing shake out packet number. According to the staff, this project identification chips more than 1 thousand and 800 groups, while the total number of days before the election to the more than 3000 people. The staff at the scene of Mr. Xu said, many buyers into the waiting area has been very excited, but once elected, will trot to the election room area room. The atmosphere is very tense, home buyers will allow customers to explain what is the demand, and then immediately find the most appropriate two or three sets of housing, so that customers pay close attention to pick a." Mr. Xu said. A lot of customers before doing a good job, ready five or six sets of alternative listings, and some customers even prepared a set of alternative listings ten. "Most of the Housing clients faster, some people a few seconds." Luneng Taishan seven staff Mr. Wang said, a lot of people are running election." It is understood that the opening of the sports park is a project, located in Tangye District, Century Avenue and the junction of North Longfeng mountain. The introduction of a total of 1224 sets of houses. A high-rise apartment layout of 95 square meters, 590 sets of 110 square meters apartment layout; 295 sets of 125 square meters apartment layout 295 sets. There are also small top, a total of 44 sets of 135 square meters apartment layout. As the number of 135 square meters apartment layout, has become the most popular listings, about half an hour on qiangguang. The sales staff did not think so crazy to call at 11:30 in the morning, after 2.5 hours of emergency room war, 1224 Suites sold out. "Probably into the three hundred or four hundred group of customers, we found that the customer is less than 10." Mr. Xu said. The room rate is very high, so that at the end of the door there are nearly 200 groups of customers before the election. "There is a young man on the scene, after a successful purchase embraced as cheerful as a lark." Mr. Xu said.相关的主题文章: