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Each October 28th gold news at a glance Shenzhen raid 42 intermediary still suspected of providing d-mi.11bt.info

Each October 28th gold news at a glance: Shenzhen raid 42 intermediary still suspected of providing platform Shoufu loan Shenzhen raid 42 intermediary still platform suspected of providing down payment loan in October 27th, the Shenzhen market supervision committee composed of 13 inspection groups of 42 real estate intermediary and its related upstream and downstream companies were raided. It is worth noting that the agency for the inspection of the real estate agency downstream, but also spread to the P2P platform, and the platform is still suspected of providing down payment loan products. [daily economic news] times is blasting suspected of the down payment loan by the Shenzhen industrial and commercial inspection statement denied in October 27th, friends broke the news that Shenzhen P2P net loan platform times by Shenzhen city market and Quality Supervision Commission enforcement personnel on-site inspection, and with many pictures. It is worth noting that the audit action is not the company suspected of illegal deposits from the public, only because the market supervision administration of routine inspection, half a day in the forum to raise a Babel of criticism of the network. In the afternoon, the official website of the times responded that the Department of the Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau routine inspection. Yang Junjie, chairman of the era of cooperation, said the times did not involve the down payment loan project. [media] technology blue whale after a year of financial enterprises will usher in the second October 27th listing tide, inclusive financial CRO World Summit held in Beijing. Melt 360 co-founder and CEO Ye Daqing delivered a summit speech. Talking about the development of the future of science and technology finance, he said that with the introduction of regulatory rules and landing, technology finance company from the barbaric growth to intensive development. The next 12 months to 18 months, will usher in the listing of technology finance companies. [Phoenix WEMONEY] online lending APP intrusion user address book experts said that when you open a loan APP, your circle of friends has become transparent. If the loan APP has access to the user address book and the user confirms it, it can be read at will. A net loan industry said that regular Internet financial companies even grasp the mobile phone mail list and user data, not malicious sell, but if the system was hacked, the security of these data are difficult to maintain. In addition to hacker attacks, the phenomenon of the disclosure of internal customer information after leaving the staff also pose a threat to user privacy. Surging news] if everyone can get the loan financial risks will be a large outbreak in October 27, 2016, the financial 360 held in Beijing inclusive financial CRO global summit on the second. The meeting, finance critic, benevolence and wisdom of the asset management partner Chen Yu (the young cynic) delivered a keynote speech, talked about the nature of risk control, for example: in ten he singled out three to pay back the money, and are willing to pay back the money, and have the ability to repay the people, you must use a good criterion to find the three person who has a faster ability, faster based talent shows itself can. In this regard, he believes that the outbreak of financial risks will be a large area, with the risk of the game has a great relationship. Rong 360 cottage credit: corporate credit Island triggered alternative industries recently, it should be gathered network closed code published cottage credit: the absence of private credit under the alternative industry. 2015, the central bank was officially issued the first batch of credit card]相关的主题文章: