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E rent treasure Ding Ning extravagant life circle exposure, called Chinese version of Wall Street Wo-www.tc165.cn

E rent treasure Ding Ning extravagant life circle called the China version of exposure of the wolf of Wall Street beauty executives from the top to the cloud e rent treasure employees are not understand finance, especially in many beauty. Including: President Aman Chang, Secretary of the Party committee, the chief operating officer Wang Zhihuan, Yucheng group assistant operations officer Yin Fei, Southeast Asia Free Trade Zone Management Committee Chairman Xie Jie. "Yucheng" has spent billions of dollars in a lot of advertising for "viral marketing", and Aman Chang was packed into the Internet banking first beauty president ", as the spokesperson of public enterprises to attend various activities. It is said that because of Aman Chang itself level is poor, the relevant brand e rent treasure responsible person can not even arrange to attend too many public occasions, not to mention the speech. Aman Chang Aman Chang, in fact, just e rent treasure many beauty executives one other beauty executives "beauty" and "talent" ifheavier. Yu Cheng group assistant operation officer, e rent treasure chief operating officer Yin Fei is one of them. Yin Fei, who has multiple identities, is still a little star. He has rented e for e. He has sung the advertising song "renting treasure and lighting dream". After the accident, it quickly deleted the micro-blog related to e rental treasure. E leasing business platform for the golden easy melt (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., and the company’s legal representative is Wang Zhihuan. There are not many photos of Wang Zhihuan on the Internet, about this one, but it is said that she herself is much better than this picture. Xie Jie, chairman of the Management Committee of Yu Cheng Southeast Asia Free Trade Zone, also won Ding Ning’s 10 million real estate and millions of annual salary. According to Yucheng internal staff said, these beauty executives working ability, not very professional, do not understand the financial investment and financial management knowledge, especially President Aman Chang is like a vase in the company. Many of these beauty executives are Ding Ning know through the ENZO party circle. There are investors to find Ding Ning beauty executives way, summed up as a flow chart, Ding Ning is through this way to recognize a large number of female executives. According to investors said that this ENZO noble party circles is very famous in the rich, many domestic president and rich two generations are here to find friends, unexpectedly also was used by Ding Ning in. It can be seen that Ding Ning is trying to expand the scale of the company and recruit a large number of reliable women. One can imagine, if Ding Ning has not been caught, ordinary people are difficult to think in the rich people, but also hide such a huge way of making friends…… Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

e租宝丁宁奢靡生活圈曝光 堪称中国版华尔街之狼   美女高管如云   e租宝从高层到员工都是不懂金融的人,尤以美女甚多。其中包括:总裁张敏,党委书记、首席运营官为王之焕,钰诚集团助理运营官殷飞,东南亚自贸区管理委员会主席谢洁等。   “钰诚系”先后花费上亿元大量投放广告进行“病毒式营销”,而张敏则被包装成“互联网金融第一美女总裁”,作为企业形象代言人公开出席各种活动。   据说,由于张敏本身水平较差,e租宝的相关品牌负责人甚至不能安排其出席太多公开场合,更别提发表演讲了。 张敏   事实上,张敏只是e租宝诸多“美女高管”其中一员,其他的美女高管的“姿色”和“才艺”有过之而无不及。钰诚集团助理运营官、e租宝首席运营官殷飞就是其中一位。   具有多重身份的殷飞还是一位小明星,其曾为e租宝演唱过广告歌曲《e租宝点亮梦想》。在出事之后,其迅速删除了与e租宝有关的微博。   e租宝的运营平台,为金易融(北京)网络科技有限公司,而该公司的法人代表是王之焕。网上关于王之焕的照片不多,差不多仅有这张,但据说她本人比这张照片好看太多。   担任钰诚东南亚自贸区管理委员会主席谢洁,还曾获得丁宁的千万房产和百万年薪。   据钰诚公司内部员工说,这些美女高管的工作能力,非常不专业,根本不懂投资理财和金融管理知识,尤其总裁张敏就像是公司里的一个花瓶。这些美女高管很多都是丁宁通过ENZO聚会圈认识的。   有投资者把丁宁寻找美女高管的方式,总结成了一副流程图,丁宁就是通过这个方式认识了大量的女高管。   据投资者表示,这个ENZO贵族聚会圈在富人群体很有名气,不少国内总裁和富二代都在这里找交友对象,没想到竟然也被丁宁利用了进来。可见丁宁为扩大公司规模,招募大量可靠女人也是费尽了心思。   可想而知,如果丁宁没有被抓,平常人很难想到在富人群体中,还隐藏了这么一个庞大的交友方式…… 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: