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During the national day international metals rose more or less after the opening colored or unfavora-sexhu

During the national day international metals rose more or less after the colored opening or against Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Business News Agency on October 09, the international environment: in the non farm payrolls data than expected in September to ensure that the Fed does not raise interest rates on the meeting in November, the U.S. presidential election in the week after the meeting in November. September non farm payrolls data also increased the uncertainty of the meeting in December, and now look at the most likely to raise interest rates in December, but if the unemployment rate continues to rise, the Fed or pushed to raise interest rates next year. As of the end of October 7th weekend, the international spot gold prices approaching $1260 ounce mark, the lowest was hit $1241 ounce. In the last day before the National Day holiday in September 30th, the international price of gold closed at $1316 ounce, which means that the price of gold in the seven day holiday fell nearly 5%. Barrick gold company intends to sell the Australian gold mine – Carle the gold 50% stake, interested bidders may include China gold group, Shandong gold mining, as well as Australia’s second largest gold producer EVOLUTION MINING. Philippines’s Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Environmental Protection said in October 7th 20 Jasareno suggested shutting down enterprises will be given 7 days of time will then review the group representations, and then a 7 day review, is expected to be released at the end of the shutting down the resolution in the third week of October. The mining law, Philippines’s president Duthel Te called for a revision of 1995 including: 1 to determine the 60-40 sharing between Philippines government and foreign mining enterprises with mining license ratio of 2 is now 2% hope to improve the mining tax plan 3 mining industry nationalization in 2013 4 commitment to push the national mining act. Indonesia is considering relaxing the ban of 20 companies in Indonesia and Indonesia valley water processing and smelting industry association, the energy and Mining Bureau Secretary General Teguh Pamudji said that Indonesia might limit the low grade nickel ore exports 15 million tons per year in the UK and Europe "due process will be in March next year to start end," from Europe "prospect of the pound on the first trading day of October, tiaokongdikai. The US ISM manufacturing index and Markit manufacturing PMI final value than expected $four with positive way high to 97.417. September 30, 2016, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced the inclusion of the RMB special drawing rights (SDR) new currency basket in effect on October 1st. Affected by the pound, the Asian market intraday, offshore RMB short-term diving more than 100 points, the lowest hit 6.7182, a record low of 9 months. Asia’s nickel, Hinatuan (HMC) did not receive instruction at normal delivery shut down. In October 7th, the Asian morning GBPUSD emergent diving, lightning fell below 1.20. Goldman Sachs forecasts nickel prices for three months, six months and twelve months respectively相关的主题文章: