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Driving coaches overnight wine on high speed feed students test Beijing – checked in-zznba

Driving coaches overnight wine on high speed to send trainees checked exam – Beijing new network in Mianyang in November 1, (Yang Yong Liu Wanling) November 1st morning 11 am, Sichuan Mianyang city traffic police brigade police in the city directly under the five Beltway high tech Zone toll station exit routine remediation inspection, seized a Sichuan A license manager the car, the driver is driving the coach, the coach of the investigation, suspected of drunk driving. According to police reports, when the police asked the drivers face the driving license, provide coach certificate for inspection, the driver liaomou seemed a bit nervous, in a few short conversations, the police driver spoke with the liquor, then ask the driver to get off with the alcohol test results show that, the driver actually belongs to drunk driving. The face of police interrogation, the driver said that he is Chengdu a driving coach, the first night with friends drunk when they meet in Chengdu this morning, sent two students to Mianyang for examination of a subject, not to pay too much attention to whether there is the behavior of drunken driving. At present, the traffic police are further investigation processing, Liao will face severe punishment. (end)相关的主题文章: