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Dream broadcast live double eleven minutes to absorb gold over 9 – Sohu Technology-winpm

Dream live 9 minutes eleven war double suction gold over tens of millions of – tech Sohu scoop November 11th news: Double eleven this year in full swing, as the mobile Internet outlet, live for the first time. In addition to various forms of sales promotion advertising, broadcast the direct sales of goods has become the focus of heated debate in the industry. The gift of the first broadcast platform has become a double eleven promotional merchandise, causing fans to buy. It is understood that, in the dream broadcast platform, 11 just after zero, only when using 9 minutes and 26 seconds, the anchor received a gift that is a breakthrough of $10 million, the ability to see gold. As of press time, the total number of gifts sent by the platform has more than 50 million, creating a single record of single day gift trading mobile broadcast industry. And as the deal continues, that number will soon be broken. Analysis of industry experts pointed out that commercial advertising and reward is currently the main mode of realization of the live broadcast, and double eleven bring commercial hormones, or the birth of a live platform business model to mature. This year eleven, the dream broadcast launched a number of promotional measures, in addition to the present panic buying, the platform also launched a scheme to anchor public auction, double eleven day, get the anchor gift list first user, will have dinner with the anchor of the opportunity, while the platform proceeds will be donated to charity. At the event, the dream broadcast propaganda young man: "double 11, refuse food!" And said that the limited activity, the opportunity only once. For the dual 11 originally belonged to the launch of Alibaba marketing section, after 7 years of development, has evolved into a national shopping carnival. For businesses, the 11 is not only a brand feast, but also to highlight the personality, try new marketing gameplay festival. This year, the rise of new industry live fully joined the double 11, broadcast industry hot has proved that the new generation of entertainment play transformation, and live the commercial exploration platform is becoming a new generation of the main consumer of the transformation of a sign China commercial ecological links, the double 11, broadcast platform’s performance will become the new watch.相关的主题文章: