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Don’t bring the concept of poverty to your child – Sohu gamelink

Don’t put the poor outlook to your children – Sohu author Angela Kay | maternal uncle said kaishushuo in this article in the discussion of our attitude towards wealth. The attitude of the rich is to focus on incremental, they believe in the future. Poor attitude is to look at the stock, they fear the future. You can’t keep the money, because you need it sooner or later. Put the existing money on the improvement of life and investment in the future. On the one hand, improve the quality of life, in fact, this is the fundamental purpose of wealth. On the other hand, with the stock now win a better future, so a virtuous cycle. In the final analysis, in the face of wealth, depending on your ability to acquire wealth. I hope our children have this confidence. When I was in my teens, I saw the rich dad, poor dad. Then know that the "compound interest" concept. In fact, in the mind of a child under the concept of wealth in life itself will produce great effects of compound interest. Time is the value of interest. The sooner the better, the longer the better. Singapore’s high school tuition and price increases, the price of citizens unchanged, PR price of $40, overseas students (non ASEAN member countries) price increases $1502016 $1150 per month, while in 2017 rose to $1300. I saw a high school student complaining about WeChat: it seems that only the rich can come to Singapore to study. What she didn’t know was that she was a rich man. She rented a person in the apartment, the monthly rent is $900 (equivalent to 4500 yuan), plus the cost of studying abroad in Shanghai, and how many people can afford. Why does she complain so much as a rich man? Poor and rich life has a lot of frustration, but the most helpless, perhaps the gap between rich and poor. Some people think that the rich and poor can be changed, such as many rich two generations are the children of the poor and rich men’s sons, a lot of efforts to learn through someone. So he said to the child: you have to study hard in order to go to a good university, a good university, in order to live a good life. But want to change the status of the rich and the poor, just such a simple thing? It is very sad, although the media will report some bad rich two generations, or born poor but people generally rise above the common herd, but is rich two generations did not become poor, and most poor children still live in the middle and lower classes of society. College education may have changed his city, but it has not changed much of his life. He may be a little better than the generation of his parents, but from a horizontal comparison, the rich are still rich, the poor are still poor. It is said that because of the accumulation of wealth, the poor want to catch up with the needs of the rich. Well, then what is the reason for the two people from the same starting line, a person to live a relatively stable life, while another person’s quality of life has declined year by year – -相关的主题文章: