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Dongguan Rail Transit Line 1 breaks down the earth at the end of 2022 and opens at the end of the ye-g-area meru

The opening ceremony of the first phase of the first phase of the civil engineering of line 1 of Dongguan Rail Transit Line 1 was started at the end of 2022. Li Yongxia took the Nanfang Daily (reporter Li Yongxia). In September 28th, the first phase civil engineering of Dongguan Rail Transit Line 1 was officially launched, and the public will soon usher in second rail transit lines in Dongguan. Line 1 runs across 10 towns and parks in Dongguan. It reserves the connection conditions of Guangzhou Shenzhen subway. It connects the Guangzhou Guangzhou deep and the Foshan two Hui intercity line. It is an important channel to undertake the function of "cohesive and extranet". Dongguan Rail Transit Co., Ltd. said that line 1 has been supported by the fund of 800 million yuan for the National Development Exhibition fund, and is expected to be fully opened at the end of 2022.   1、2号线鸿福路站换乘   当天,伴随着1号线一期土建工程选址鸿福路站率先开工,1、2号线联络线工程建设也拉开了帷幕。 Chen Wensheng, general manager of the municipal rail transit company, said that the first phase of line 1 achieved the implementation of survey and construction in June 13th. In August 29th, it passed the expert review of the overall design, and has won the funding support of the National Development Fund of 800 million yuan. At present, the work is progressing smoothly. According to reports, Hongfu Road station is on line 1 and line 2 transfer stations. After the completion of line 1, the "ten" transfer will be formed with line 2, and the backbone network of urban rail transit in Dongguan will be set up. People want to transfer to line 2, only from two to the underground minus three floors, without the station, the whole transfer process is within 5 minutes. According to the data of the urban rail transit company, the average daily traffic volume of the line 2 has exceeded 100 thousand passengers since the commissioning operation of line No. 250 thousand in May 27th this year, and the maximum daily traffic volume has exceeded 250 thousand passengers per day. As of 1, line 2 transfer stations, currently Hongfu Road station has become one of the largest site traffic line No. 2. Chen Wensheng said that the implementation of line 1 and line 2 line project will effectively safeguard Dongguan rail transit network resources sharing, emergency rescue and so on. To speed up public transport docking Guanshen ceremony, the Dongguan Municipal Development and Reform Bureau deputy director, deputy director of the office of rail Zhang Youxin pointed out that the city rail transportation to speed up the city modernization, optimize the development of city space and city traffic, improve the quality of life of the people, has an important and far-reaching significance. Zhang Youxin revealed that in the near future, according to the relevant requirements of the municipal Party committee and municipal government, Dongguan will co-ordinate all available resources and forces to accelerate the pace of urban rail transit construction. The key to accelerate the convergence of the branch of No. 6 line three Shenzhen Dongguan rail link project approval, construction, financing and other related work to promote the city rail transit line 1 and Shenzhen metro, the initiative to undertake the spillover effect in Shenzhen and Shenzhen, to strengthen cohesion, promote the process of integration of Dongguan into the Pearl River Delta integration, to the subway the era of "boosting Dongguan" blooming new exciting day". It is reported that the Shenzhen Metro Line 6 is connected with the Shenzhen metro, Longhua street, Gongming, Songgang Shiyan, bright area, and through the Shenzhen Metro Line 4 interchange to Futian District, to the urban core and central comprehensive group, Western hi-tech group of city express group. The conditions for the connection between the "Lilin station" and the 1 line of Dongguan rail transit line. Link – A public information, line 1, line length of 58 km, including 25.8 km elevated line, 30.3 kilometers off the assembly line, the ground line and the transition section of 1.9 km. There are 21 stations in the whole line (13 underground stations, 8 elevated stations), 1 vehicle segments, 1 parking lots and 4 main substation. B line 1 station east station, Wang Hong, Huang Songshan Lake Station, central station, a transfer function, and with the Guangzhou subway (TBD) and Shenzhen Metro Line 6, "Li Lin station" reservation of convergence conditions.

东莞轨道交通1号线破土动工 最快2022年底通车 1号线一期土建工程开工仪式启动。 李永霞 摄   南方日报讯 (记者 李永霞)9月28日,东莞轨道交通1号线一期土建工程正式开工,市民即将迎来东莞的第二条轨道交通线路。1号线横跨东莞10个镇街(园区),预留广深地铁接驳条件,连接穗莞深和佛莞惠两条城际线,是一条承担“内聚外联”功能的重要通道。   东莞市轨道交通有限公司表示,1号线已获国开发展基金8亿元的资金支持,预计最快2022年底实现全面通车。   1、2号线鸿福路站换乘   当天,伴随着1号线一期土建工程选址鸿福路站率先开工,1、2号线联络线工程建设也拉开了帷幕。   市轨道交通有限公司总经理陈文胜说,1号线一期工程于6月13日实现了勘察施工进场,8月29日通过总体设计专家评审,并已取得国开发展基金8亿元的资金支持,目前各项工作进展顺利。   据介绍,鸿福路站将是1号线和2号线的换乘站点。1号线建成后,将与2号线形成“十”字换乘,搭建东莞城市轨道交通骨干网络。市民想换乘2号线,只需从地下负二层到地下负三层即可,无需出车站,整个换乘过程在5分钟以内。   市轨道交通有限公司数据显示,2号线自今年5月27日开通试运营以来,平均日均客流量突破10万人次,单日最高客流量突破25万人次。作为1、2号线的换乘站点,鸿福路站目前已成为2号线客流量最大的站点之一。   陈文胜表示,1、2号线联络线工程的实施将有力保障东莞轨道交通实现线网资源共享、应急救援等。   加快公共交通对接莞深   动工仪式上,东莞市发改局副局长、市轨道办副主任张友新指出,城市轨道交通对于加快城市现代化建设、优化城市发展空间、缓解城市交通压力、提升市民生活质量,具有非常重要和深远的意义。   张友新透露,近期,根据市委、市政府的相关工作要求,东莞将统筹一切可用的资源和力量,切实加快城市轨道交通建设步伐。重点全面加快推进市轨道交通1号线与深圳地铁6号线支线衔接等三个深莞轨道交通衔接项目的立项报批、工程建设、投融资等相关工作,主动承接深圳的溢出效应,加强与深圳的衔接,推进东莞融入珠三角一体化进程,以“地铁时代”助推东莞“每天绽放新精彩”。   据悉,深圳地铁6号线连接深圳龙华街道新城、石岩、光明、公明、松岗等片区,并通过深圳地铁4号线转乘至福田中心区,为联系核心城区与中部综合组团、西部高新组团的城市组团快线。在“荔林站”预留与东莞轨道交通1号线衔接的条件。   ■链接   A 公开资料显示,1号线线路总长58公里,其中高架线25.8公里、地下线30.3公里、地面线及过渡段1.9公里。全线共设车站21座(地下站13座,高架站8座),车辆段1座,停车场1座,主变电所4座。   B 1号线的望洪站、东城南站、松山湖站、黄江中心站,都有换乘作用,并与广州地铁(待定)和深圳地铁6号线“荔林站”预留衔接条件。相关的主题文章: