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Dongfeng Citroen c3-xr 1.2t will be listed in November 11th doat

Dongfeng Citroen C3-XR 1.2T will be listed in November 11th, before we learned from official sources, Dongfeng Citroen (micro-blog) C3-XR 1.2T models will be officially listed in November 11th. The new car is the biggest highlight of replacing a new 1.2T engine, and the increase of tourmaline orange body color for the election, and the price will be higher than the existing 1.6L models. C3-XR 1.2T in appearance with the cash 1.6T models remain the same, but the new car (car) using a new platinum double color body painting, in addition to the new car will also increase the body to choose orange tourmaline. The interior part of the new car, the interior color black color, which is quite novel. Configuration, C3-XR 1.2T will be based on the different models, equipped with Citroen connect system, keyless entry, a key to start the vehicle stability system, ramp auxiliary, panoramic parking, not open the panoramic sunroof, DCS dynamic comfort chassis system, Grip Control intelligent road and contains sand, snow, mud, ESC, closed highway 5 traffic pattern adaptation system. Power, the car changed one we are very familiar with the 1.2T engine, the maximum output power of 136 horsepower, peak torque of 230 cattle · m, the transmission system will match the 6 speed manual gearbox.相关的主题文章: