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Domestic SUV flagship outbreak! September’s most anticipated new car – Sohu aapt.exe

Domestic SUV flagship outbreak! In September the most anticipated new car – car Sohu launched the August review of several independent models, including with the new 1.3T engine trumpchi GA3 horizon, 1.5T X5, a large power upgrade 2017 Harvard H2 and the new Tiggo 5. September is approaching, nonsense not to say, the following professor on the inventory of several of the most worthy of our expectations in September SUV. Heavy vehicle: a Chery car sale price: 10.99-16.39 yuan Tiggo Tiggo 7 will in early September officially listed, the car has been around the 4S shop. Compared to the younger brother 7 designs Tiggo 5, Tiggo more younger, the use of the family of the latest design, overall very fashionable. In the configuration, the mainstream configuration Tiggo 7 are equipped with keyless entry, such as start, cruise control, automatic air conditioning and sensing wipers, overall rich. Tiggo 7 is equipped with 1.5T and 2.L two engines, which 1.5T engine, manual transmission and DCT dual clutch gearbox, the 2.0L engine is CVT stepless gearbox. The 1.5T engine as the mainstream of domestic SUV at present, Tiggo 7 whether can occupy a certain position, we will wait and see. Heavy vehicle: two H7L or H2 from the sale price of Harvard: Harvard will not released during the Chengdu auto show in September 2nd opening of the launch of a new SUV models, but did not disclose which one, it is likely that the Harvard H7L or a blue version of Harvard H2. Hover H7L flagship 7 seat SUV market, has appeared in the 15 years of the April Shanghai auto show, the overall appearance of fashion large size, body length is 200cm longer than the Harvard H7, but the third row seat is still relatively chicken ribs. The other is a blue version of Harvard H2, in the positioning of the red cars than more to movement, while using a new grille style, headlight shape is more simple, more young. Power transmission is expected to use the old 1.5T engine, as well as 6 block manual and 6 block manual gearbox. Heavy vehicle: Three – X7 hanteng hanteng car sale price: 7.98-14.98 yuan hanteng motor’s first models hanteng X7 will be officially listed at the beginning of September, the appearance of a young fashion design style, but the professor do feel what is wrong, what is a bit like the Thai T600, should be public the tiguan… Professor of interior design must praise, the overall layout is quite on the level, to remember that this is about one hundred thousand of the domestic SUV, also equipped with high configuration xenon headlamps, automatic sunroof and electronic parking, is still relatively rich. Power, X7 1.5T and 2.0T hanteng provide two engine options, respectively, 5 speed manual gearbox and 6 speed dual clutch gearbox, compared to other popular models, is the lack of a slightly advantage. Professor: professor!相关的主题文章: