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Dog wandering Beijing CBD bite more than 20 passers-by police are arresting – China Network-ddrtys

The dog wandering Beijing CBD bite more than 20 passers-by the police are arresting new network – in CBD more than 20 people bitten by dog wandering white small dogs injured said the police are arresting yesterday at about 13, Chaoyang District Yongan Guanghua Road area of a white dog bites a number of passers-by along the road. Bitten by the mad dog that appeared in the Yongan and Hebei Tonghui Road intersection, near the Jianwai SOHO. As of 16 or so, the Beijing morning news reporter learned from the Chaoyang District CDC, has been bitten by the vaccine to be injected into the 24. At present, the police are arrested, police remind the general public to pay attention to safety. More than and 20 people are bitten by the dog yesterday afternoon, the Beijing morning news reporter saw in Chaoyang District CDC, has injured are treated here, the mad dog bites parts are mostly for adults and children have legs. According to the number of injured, bite into a small white dog, looks like the "string" butterfly dogs, it was in the Near East, East sanhuan, Guangqu road and Guanghua Road more. The doctor said, usually few people vaccinated, yesterday has come to more than 20 patients were the only white dog bites. According to the injured Lee, 1 in the afternoon from the unit to work out, go to the nearby Yongan Wanhua gate of Residence Internazionale, suddenly jump out from the roadside a white dog. He thought it was an ordinary stray dog did not pay attention to, who knows when it came to the front, it was a mouth to bite my left leg, I quickly ran one or two steps, but the dog did not run, and toward my right leg bite. I quickly pack it, it was let go away." Mr. Li said, he did not provoke the white dog, do not understand why it suddenly. Other injured also told reporters that the white dog bites no signs, but suddenly crazy. A female victim said, her leg was bitten by a deep wound, she first went to Yongan in the hospital to have the tetanus, and to the CDC injection of rabies vaccine. Police arrested the Beijing Morning Post reporter asked about the situation of the National People’s Liberation Street police station, police told reporters that from the beginning of the noon has received a public alarm, said the dog bite passers-by. After preliminary investigation, did not find the dog owner. "We have sent a large number of police to arrest the dog, but it is too large to hide, and has not been caught." Doctor: 24 hours emergency vaccination doctor doctor Liu prompted the public, if accidentally bitten by a dog, a doctor as soon as possible, and the injection of rabies vaccine. He said, should be immediately after the bite with a large number of clean water (10000 ml or more) wash wounds. If possible, preferably rinsed with 20% soapy water, usually in about half an hour, and then rinse with water, the virus containing saliva and blood flush. As far as possible when the wound to expand, and forced to squeeze around the soft tissue, try to put on the wound on the dog saliva and blood on the wound clean. Finish after, immediately wipe the wound with alcohol or iodine and, as far as possible to kill the rabies virus. If the wound is bleeding too much, try to immediately posted a tourniquet, then rushed to the hospital. It is better to have a 24 hour injection相关的主题文章: