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Does a middle-aged gentleman, a monster lick the car pad, be a crime-9c8950

Does a middle-aged gentleman, "a monster lick the car pad", be a crime? Some time ago, Penguin reported that a Japanese female high school student was asking for help on twitter. The uncle who lived in his own building had licked his bicycle mat many times, which was dubbed by netizens as "monster licking vehicle mat". There are media counsel, if this uncle really licks the car pad, does it cause a crime? Q: is this gentleman’s act a crime? A: licking a woman’s high school student’s bicycle mat should be treated as a crime of utensil damage. The uncle may be sentenced to under 3 years of imprisonment and a fine of under 300 thousand yen. Women senior high school students can make a compensation fee for the uncle. Although some people think that licking car mats have not been damaged, the damage is not limited to physical damage or psychological unbearable behavior. For example, in a restaurant, urinating on the tableware will be judged to be damaged by the utensils. In this case, although the psychological conflict is lighter than the urine, it can not be denied that it may be judged to be a crime of damage to the objects. Q: is it necessary to find the police? A: if the girl’s tweet is a fact, the danger caused by the uncle is seriously tracked and should be dealt with. If you don’t lick the bike mat, but smell the smell, it’s hard to take legal responsibility. But tracking the possibility is very high, it is necessary to find the police milo. As for the lawyer’s explanation, Japanese netizens have expressed their opinion: "if I were her parents, I would consider moving." "Do you just smell the ball if it smells?" "In essence with the pupils will blow right girl clarinet is the same." "The behavior of the uncle and the behavior of the child are completely different." Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works