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Discover More Funny Games Of Nutty Party-ca1816

Arts-and-Entertainment Wondering what type of game to select, to make all the girls laugh and enjoy the party. The following games always proved to be number one in nutty party. Another active living-room game that was nutty enough to suit the girls was called "True or false." The girls gathered in the center of the living room and were told the West end of the room was the false end and the East end the True. Sally read a list of statements which she had prepared beforehand about nut subjects. For instance, the leader read, "The peanut is a nut that grows above ground." The first girls at the head of each line answered by going to the false corner of the room, which in this case was correct. Therefore, each girl won a point for her side. The second girls in each line answered the next question and so on to the end of the lines. Other nutty statements were: The beechnut grows on the beach by the sea. The hazelnut is a female nut. The walnut is .mon in Minnesota. The hickory nut grows on a tree famous for its wood. The butternut .es from cows. The chestnut is .mon around Christmas time. To occupy the girls while their lunch was being prepared Sally started them on "Fortune Telling" peanuts. Sally had removed the peanuts from their shells ahead of time. Into the shells she put tiny folded bits of paper on which were written such words as "journey," "wealth," "success," "5 children," "2 husbands," and "hard work." These she had hidden around the room. The girls were told that somewhere in the room was a peanut with her fortune inside. Each girl must hunt until she found one. After everyone had a peanut they opened up the shells and took turns reading the fortunes they found. Providing only one apiece eliminated that scramble that usually ac.panies an indoor hunt. These are some of the games that kept Sally and her friends busy at her Nutty Party. At the close of the fun the Head Nut of each team added up the scores each team had won, and the winning team was then given the privilege of having the losers serve them lunch. Sally lighted a fire in the fireplace and the girls squatted around on the floor to eat hot dogs and buns and drink pop. When the winners were all supplied with food the losers then received their hot dogs and sat by the fire to tell tall tales as they ate. After the party Sally said, "Gee, Mom that was a swell party." Sally’s mother was glad she had permitted Sally to have the party not only because Sally and her friends had such a good time, but she realized that Sally had learned a great deal about being a good hostess. Sally had made an effort to bring the shy girl into the games and had learned the value of cooperating with a hostess valuable knowledge that will help Sally enter adolescence with more poise and ease. Lots of funny and interesting game brings all the girl in one accord of laughter .This is also the secret of Sally’s nutty party. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: