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Differential pin cloud at the fingertips are 2 million 600 thousand people pay the price of a qualit-22eee.net

Differential pin cloud is qualitative MLM 2 million 600 thousand payment involving 620 million 2 million 600 thousand payment involving 620 million yuan cloud at the fingertips of qualitative differential pin with each reporter Zhao Na MLM "cloud at your fingertips" what is at your fingertips? Just listen to the name is easy to think of cloud computing, in fact, this is a micro dealer distribution platform, fame is not small. But in recent days, Hubei city of Xianning province Industrial and Commercial Bureau announced that the "cloud at your fingertips" suspected MLM case has been closed, the parties shall be ordered to stop illegal acts, confiscate the illegal income of more than 3950 yuan, and impose a fine of 1 million 500 thousand yuan. WeChat also has "cloud at your fingertips" public account title. October 13th, electricity supplier observers Lu Zhenwang accept the daily economic news reporter, said, cloud at the fingertips of the model is a typical MLM, but through electricity providers, micro providers to achieve. Its consumption one, two hundred yuan will be able to join the membership, can be quickly pulled through the WeChat circle of friends. Online marketing and mobilize relatives and friends, join the threshold is different, the greater the relationship between online marketing network, join the threshold is low, pyramid schemes are more subtle. Another researcher, China Electronic Commerce Research Center Zhejiang Teng Chi lawyer Ma told reporters before the policy, laws and regulations on the definition of the Internet marketing, especially the so-called three level distribution management pattern based on is not clear. Cloud in the fingertips was identified as pyramid schemes, the use of WeChat’s alleged distribution of illegal Internet marketing provides a basis for the definition, the future of WeChat or will increase the audit and crackdown on such behavior. The Department of industry and commerce as one of the "pyramid before the WeChat team official account WeChat horizon" issued a "network marketing crackdown on, Tencent with the business sector," Feng Ting cloud at your fingertips "account" article. WeChat said, "the cloud is Guangzhou cloud at your fingertips in the fingertips of Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the" Guangzhou cloud at your fingertips) by linking WeChat public number cloud at your fingertips "custom menu, set up their own development platform. Under the guise of "consumption capital", "consumption is to invest all is the boss", "new business model" and "share money" gimmick, attracted a large number of staff communication and participation, leading to irrational consumption, excessive marketing share, the WeChat platform with cloud at your fingertips "marketing information, the normal use of WeChat group malicious promotion, destroy the Internet environment, the social and economic order, the State Council is" the prohibition of marketing behavior refers to the marketing regulations "article seventh, also in violation of the" WeChat public platform service agreement "," WeChat public platform operating standards ". The "daily economic news" reporter then visit the Xianning City Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau site inspection of the administrative penalty decision (Xianning business office word 2016 No. 37) learned that the Bureau on April 2015 report of Guangzhou cloud at your fingertips in the area of Xianning allegedly engaged in pyramid selling activities. According to the clues found, Guangzhou set up a "cloud cloud at your fingertips in the fingertips of online shopping in the sales of goods to the on-line membership rebate, the rebate rule has obvious" hierarchy "and" entry fee "," team "and other characteristics of suspected相关的主题文章: