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Did not grab the bright black version of iPhone 7 to worry a bright white version midd-885

Did not grab the bright black version of iPhone 7 to worry a bright white version of the [Abstract] allegedly from supply chain sources, Apple plans to add a bright white version of the iPhone 7 series, but there is no specific time when the launch. IPhone 7 series has added bright black version this year, and has been welcomed by many users. Now, according to the Japanese science and technology blog Macotakara reports, Apple plans for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to add "bright white (Jet White)" new color matching, which means that if the rumors come true, then iPhone 7 series will have six color options. The brightening white iPhone 7 series has added a bright black version this year, and has again become a new trend in the industry this year. But perhaps in the eyes of many fruit powder, white iPhone is a true classic, so the next Japanese website Macotakara reported may be worth your attention. According to the latest announcement of the blog website, which is often disclosed accurately, Apple plans to increase the "Jet White" style for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which is said to come from the supply chain. However, for Macotakara’s report, 9to5mac, the US science and technology blog, said the news was questionable, and there was no detail about the bright white style of the report, and it was not consistent with what apple did in the past. Because since the birth of iPhone, rarely add new color moves after the sale, usually only when the launch of new products, there will be a new color style debut. IPhone 4 had a precedent, of course, everything is not absolute, Apple’s own marketing strategy is also constantly adjusted, and in the past iPhone 4 has also added a new color matching practices. Coincidentally, there are also black versions, and then white styles, although the interval is longer, and the white version and black style is actually released at the same time, but due to the manufacturing process and other issues delayed the advent. In any case, despite the previous Macotakara reports of Apple’s new products are usually more accurate, but the "white" version will launch at the same time there are still many suspense, the website also remind users: "this information may not be reliable, and there is no specific launch time, so I can only say to those looking fruit powder white version bring some thought. IPhone SE delayed upgrade, and compared to the new color matching iPhone 7 series, 4 inch screen iPhone SE update may be more concerned about some. Although the second generation has been approaching, but according to the report submitted by well-known analyst Guo Mingchi said, in order to maintain a higher gross profit margin and avoid eating other high-end iPhone market, apple next year will extend the iPhone SE product cycle. In other words, in the spring of next year, it may not launch a new iPhone SE. At the same time, because Guo Mingchi did not mention the first.

没抢到亮黑版别着急 iPhone 7要出亮白版了 [摘要]据称来自供应链的消息显示,苹果计划为iPhone 7系列增添亮白色版本,但何时推出没有具体的时间。iPhone 7系列在今年新增了亮黑版本,并受到了不少用户的欢迎。而现在,根据日本科技博客Macotakara的报道称,苹果计划为iPhone 7和iPhone 7 Plus增加“亮白色(Jet White)”新款配色,这意味着如果传闻成真的话,那么iPhone 7系列将会拥有六种配色可选。将增亮白款式iPhone 7系列在今年新增了亮黑色版本,并再次成为了今年业界的新潮流。但或许在不少果粉心目中,白色才是iPhone真正的经典,所以接下来日本网站Macotakara的报道或许值得你的关注。根据这家经常准确披露苹果新机消息的博客网站最新披露的消息称,苹果计划为iPhone 7和iPhone 7 Plus增加“亮白色(Jet White)”款式,据称消息来自供应链。不过,针对Macotakara的报道,美国科技博客9to5mac则表示消息值得怀疑,一来有关亮白色款式的报道缺乏细节,二来也与苹果过去的做法并不相符。因为从iPhone诞生以来,鲜有在发售后增添新配色之举,通常情况下只有推出新换产品的时候,才会有新色彩款式登场。iPhone 4曾有先例当然,凡事没有绝对,苹果自身的营销策略也在不断的调整中,并且过去iPhone 4上也曾经有过增添新配色的做法。比较巧合的也是先有黑色版本,然后又推出白色款式,尽管间隔的时候较长,并且白色版本与黑色款式其实是同时发布的,但由于制造工艺等问题而延迟问世。无论如何,尽管以往Macotakara对苹果新品的报道通常都较为准确,但这次“亮白色”版本是否会推出还是存在诸多悬念,同时该网站也提醒网友:“该信息可能并不可靠”,并且也没有给出具体的推出时间,所以只能说给那些期待白色版本的果粉们带来了一些念想而已。iPhone SE延迟升级而相比iPhone 7系列的新配色,4寸屏的iPhone SE更新换代或许更值得关注一些。虽然已经逐步临近推出第二代的时间,但根据知名分析师郭明池提交的报告称,为了维持较高的毛利率以及避免蚕食其它高端iPhone的市场,苹果明年会延长iPhone SE的产品周期。换句话来说,在明年春季的时候,有可能不会推出新款iPhone SE。同时由于郭明池也没有提及第二代iPhone SE是否会在明年第二季登场,所以在外界看来这似乎意味着iPhone SE有可能要到明年下半年才会进行更新换代。此外,由于传闻明年的新款iPhone中,4.7寸版本将被命名为iPhone 7 SE,虽然如果传闻最终成真的话,那么也意味着4寸屏版或被取消,而4.7寸的iPhone 7 SE将取而代之,并且第三季完成升级换代。相关的主题文章: