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Diamond back life the t mark Tour debut Beijing CTF; – Fashion – people.com.cn 9c8950

Diamond back life   Zhou Dafu T  MARK; Tour debut in Beijing – Fashion – people.com.cn days ago, Zhou Dafu T MARK "only really about" theme Tour debut at the Beijing Wangfujing Department store. Back to the life of diamond, diamond form build CTF T MARK zone, in the sense of science and technology and field experience deepen the concept of 4T interpretation. Through the holographic projection, appreciation instrument and other new technologies make the customers know the new 4T T MARK, showing the unique charm of CTF, let the diamonds to tell their own exclusive story; live interactive experience area for customers looking for his life, and digital T MARK and T MARK Meizuan, trustworthy fully demonstrated with real powerful data. T MARK is the high-end diamond crystallization technology. T MARK mark application exclusive nano machining technology, the thickness of only 5 nm, is now the world’s most advanced diamond mark, equivalent to 120000 of the thickness of the fingerprint, the perfect preservation of diamond original glare index. Each mark is true, honesty, the letter agreement, a symbol of comparable diamond sincere commitment. Designed for the appreciation of the diamond mark 150 times diamond appreciation instrument, but also by the patented technology research and development and access to Red Dot design award. The diamond instrument branded in the diamond appreciation witness mark, and then resume data encoding, NFC technology based on intelligent mobile phone to send, through exclusive APP, you will write the diamond on the resume, and jointly write a new story. Chow Tai Fook T MARK advocated the concept of To Tell The Truth only really kam. Only a sincere friend, frank, can let the love confession is more reliable. (commissioning editor: Liu Boxue, Li?) a fine diamond, such as product life, shining diamond because of many stone experience. Imagine, how to make the diamond more perfect? If the original international diamond evaluation standard 4C (color, clarity, cut, weight) is the representative of the diamond appearance, the best expression of 4T is Meizuan connotation. T MARK 4T new concept first CTF diamond, let you read it through from the light, let the diamond life at a glance, bring you a taste of the diamond from the source to the fingertips alone every step. A new method of TRACEABLE 4T and 4C — the new thinking of the diamond racing together bridle to bridle the appreciation from the procurement for a moment, all the diamonds will be given a back number, after the process such as cutting, grinding, identification, authentication, and mosaic and other important information, will be number one by one record, guarantee the diamond just like the natural descent, a resume. TRANSPARENT transparent transparent information, so that you have more confidence in diamonds. T MARK diamonds, not only let you get more, let you know. Understand a favorite Meizuan, in addition to identification of quality and art, its origin, experience, are equally important, even can create more value for diamonds. TRUTHFUL T MARK trusted Meizuan symbol of trust and sincere. The sole use of patented technology相关的主题文章: