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Dead Sea Salt Bath-kamikaze love

Beauty Many times when we discover an ancient cure we find out that our ancestors were way ahead of us when it comes to natural healing. The use of a Dead Sea salt bath is one of those cures. The sea salt bath is opening up a whole new way to treat a variety of skin conditions and muscular aches and pains. The unusual properties of a sea salt bath with salt harvested from the Dead Sea is not something new, only another piece of unappreciated ancient knowledge that is just now being rediscovered for its incredible benefits. It first gained popularity among the "alternative medicine" crowd, but now the main stream is finally accepting Dead Sea salt’s unique properties. In the ancient world you had to either be a king or queen or live right next to sea itself to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a sea salt bath with Dead Sea salt. In recent times, if you didn’t have some sort of connection or the money for fancy spa treatments you were just plain out of luck. Thankfully things have changed and Dead Sea salt is available to everyone. The mineral content of this water is not like normal sea water. In fact, the majority of the "salts" are actually not sodium chloride, but other minerals that have much stronger health benefits to the bather. Typically what we commonly call salt only accounts for about 6% of the mineral content with the majority being magnesium chloride and potassium chloride. If you want to receive the benefits of a sea salt bath and it healing powers on psoriasis, eczema, or even for just muscular aches and pains its imperative that you choose the right salt for your bath. Only real unprocessed salt that comes form the Dead Sea, preferably the Adovia region will work for you. And having enough in your water is also essential. Four pounds per tub is the typical amount recommended. Do not attempt to do this with table salt as its high sodium chloride content can actually have very negative effects on your body, including increasing your blood pressure levels and drying your skin out. Using the correct salts will actually give you skin a softer and more supple feel to it. These baths also have an amazing effect on arthritic pain, rheumatism and sore muscles. The benefits were so revered in Ancient times that Cleopatra actually seized control over the body of water so that her people had exclusive access to it. Those who visited would take home as much of the minerals as they could carry. Why not give this gourmet bath salt a try? That fact that it’s no longer limited to just the wealthy and powerful does not diminish it’s incredible effects any; only makes them available to the population at large. Get your taste of the good life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: