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Dad came back 4 return to Xinjiang, Kanas opened the first stop of travel – media – People’s -www.70qq.cn

"Dad back 4" Xinjiang Kanas   regression; open the first stop travel – the media – people.com.cn original title: "Dad back 4" regression "Mango TV where Dad four" will be broadcast on the evening of October 14th, the day before the reporter in early to see the film. Cai Guoqing and his son Tian Liang, Qing Qing Zi and his son Sha Yi of Anji, a small bright son, "intern daddy Dong Li, Huang Zhi column, Zhang Lunshuo," our adorable baby koala, Cui Yahan, Li Yihang and other 12 guests opened the first station in Xinjiang Kanas family travel. Adorable baby bear spark full, "practice as an adorable baby daddy" heart also recount his high value, Yan Dong force 90, 191 cm in height with an opening, with a beautiful fencing action so adorable baby who becomes the second star eye spot, "wow" sound, and comes with the adorable the Cui Yahan to "I’m so sad, I don’t want to listen to this topic, I want to cry" gold Jumeng of many users. The program also incorporates many of Xinjiang’s local customs and practices and characteristics of North Xinjiang, dad and the kids came to baihaba village, vast grasslands, Benz horses make everyone very excited, but adorable baby and dads will stay in the "stable housing" and "Mongolia" condition is poor, in order to let the adorable baby live well, dad who opened the emergency room resorted to exhaust all the skills to make war, reporters in the films are laughing, but the specific outcome, or program outcome.   (reporter Jiang Shuangchao Intern Yu Linchai) (commissioning editor Zhao Guangxia and Song Xinrui)相关的主题文章: