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Cupping and bath after the first who Detailed notes fall cupping-pretty rhythm

Cupping and bath after the first who? Detailed notes on the autumn cupping cupping basically is the health care methods are suitable for all year round, but in different seasons and cupping is a variety of precautions that must be mastered. (WeChat laocai Medical Guide: laocaidy) here, we introduce the principles and guidelines in autumn cupping is how. The principle of the people with a strong body fall cupping is more suitable. The air conditioning blowing more, body cold may be more serious, but this situation can be cupping, the number and frequency according to the individual’s physical strength to be very frequent, cupping body. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, cupping belongs to reducing method, much diarrhea only hurt the skin and muscle, and hurt the body upright. "Some people think out comfortable, do not stop to cupping, see who made a lot of blood stasis is dark purple, is considered particularly effective. But this is, after all, another form of bleeding, long-term body is more weak." Director Wang Zhuhang explained, cupping is more suitable for the able-bodied, weak, Yang is best not to do. If the muscle soreness time is relatively long, or this discomfort has just appeared, and occasionally to do it once, even if the body is good enough to do a two or three times, it is not appropriate to do more. Pull out the blood stasis is not a cold. A lot of people because of muscle stiffness, opinionated cold is too heavy to aching limbs, but director Wang Zhuhang reminds, whether the body cold can not determine their own, can only be determined by professional Chinese medicine pulse. If the body does not have cold and cupping, although the first time will feel very comfortable after a few more times, but easy to catch a cold repeatedly, increase the body’s cold. The purple red blood, only that you have body lesions, in addition to the possibility of cold dampness, gastrointestinal weak, bad lung, heart function is not good and poor liver function are possible. Muscle stiffness with massage. Muscle stiffness, aches and pain is the reason most people cupping and actually this kind of situation, the massage more safety. This relaxation of the body, not only can effectively alleviate the physical discomfort, but also more moderate. For office gens, sedentary, exercise less, tension, pressure, these factors are caused by the decline in immune function, easy fatigue, massage technique is more suitable for more scientific. At the same time, the fall of what cognitive cupping must know? The fall of the cupping cupping and bath for who’s who? Take a bath immediately after cupping, a lot of love in the bath of people often say "cupping and a shower, a little also not". Indeed, the warm bath water and warm cupping, washing and then pull, unplug the wash, think of all. But this order is really pay attention, can bath after cupping, but not in the bath immediately after cupping. After cupping, the skin is in a state of being hurt, very fragile, this time to take a shower is very easy to cause skin damage, inflammation. And if it is a cold shower, because the skin is in a state of open pores, easy to catch cold. So after cupping must not immediately take a shower. Cupping is time really.相关的主题文章: