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Crooks lied to the students living subsidy issued 42 parents cheated more than 50 – Beijing g-area meru

Crooks lied to the students "living subsidy" issued 42 parents cheated more than 50 Beijing – "you are XX students and parents? Your child nine years of compulsory education is now over, you can receive the country down the living allowance…… Contact the director of the education bureau……" Have you ever received a call like this? If you have, be careful, this is actually a fraud phone, and some people have been deceived. In November 27th, the Chengdu Daily reporter from the Pengan County People’s court was informed that last year on the eve of the man in the senior high school entrance examination, Suxun online purchase of more than 5 junior school students from Nanchong family information, then find a few partner, posing as a teacher, Education Bureau staff call to parents, the implementation of telephone fraud to "living subsidies" on the grounds. Less than two months, there have been deceived by the parents of a total of more than 50 yuan cheated more than $42. Recently, Pengan County People’s Court of the first instance verdict, the case principal Suxun guilty of fraud jailed for 11 years and fined 100 thousand yuan. Online purchase of more than 5 students to carry out the implementation of telephone fraud information, the idea began with a message from the QQ group. One day in March 2015, operating in Fujian tea and cosmetics business Suxun in Internet cafes, QQ group pops up a message: someone posing as the teacher fraud parents money. The 34 year old Suxun in QQ group message, quickly in the head of a set of preliminary design students cheat parents Qian Cai. With the end of the month, Suxun in line with the price of 10 thousand yuan from the hands of unscrupulous hackers buy 5 million from the Nanchong junior students identity information, the information including the student name, school and parents name and phone number. Later, Su Xun call home cousin Hu table and the village young Li Huang out of the money together". Hu, Li started on the eve of Hu Su Xun, in Chongqing to buy a few fake ID card after back to Nanchong. Then, Suxun from Fujian to rendezvous with two people in Nanchong, and with a fake ID after their online bought a fake ID and cousin bought in Chongqing, 26 mobile phone card in Nanchong. Su said, in order to avoid louchumajiao, will be replaced by the new mobile phone card for fraud object call every day. Suxun promised cousin and Li Huang, will take the amount of the fraud as two people paid 20%. Suxun later told investigators explained that because of considering the implementation of fraud in Nanchong, decided to choose the place of crime in the provinces near the city. In April 1, 2015, three people went to Guangxi Liuzhou Su Xun, Su’s friend Chen Guang (Fujian) were also invited to join in, and went to Liuzhou with the former. Deception, coming soon. Every dial seventy or eighty telephone posing as the teacher called "parents get a living allowance in Guangxi Liuzhou rented room, Su Xun had recorded" fraud script "printed, distributed to the partners into beishu. According to the Soviet Union to the police account, in the rental, a few people in a separate room, in addition to their own posing as a school teacher, in turn, call the information above the parents of the phone: "Hello, super相关的主题文章: