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Cool health care in one of the 180 thousand summer migrants to Longjiang pension nlite

In the cool summer 180 thousand birds elderly care in one Longjiang pension original title: set cool, cool, health care in one of 180 thousand elderly in Longjiang this summer migratory birds living in September 27th reported news 24, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, according to incomplete statistics, the summer to now, there are 180 thousand birds elderly to Longjiang in pension. "It’s cool and pleasant in summer, the autumn is clear and transparent, and all the food is green food. I will come here next summer." "Eleven" holiday is coming, these days in the Great Northern Wilderness pension center living in Hunan old man uncle and his wife began to pack luggage, ready to return home in Hunan. According to Uncle Tan said, in July this year, he found the Internet Harbin the Great Northern Wilderness pension center phone, make beds, and then with his wife and son to come here by train in the summer, a migratory bird family endowment. In two months time, they traveled to the scenic spots in Harbin, also went to Lake Jingpo, Wudalianchi and other places to visit Heilongjiang, give them the impression that the green, natural, pollution-free. Tan uncle said that the people here are also very enthusiastic, where to go, there are people who guide and help him next year, he would like to invite more elderly friends to Longjiang summer pension. Why is Longjiang so attractive to the elderly in summer? The provincial Civil Affairs Department of social welfare department director Tian Junxue, Heilongjiang Province, the natural ecological richly endowed by nature set cool, cool, and health "in one, Longjiang accounted for more than 60% of the total area of natural forests, wetlands, water generated by a large number of negative oxygen ions, ten points is beneficial for the health of the elderly. In order to allow the elderly to play migratory birds do not like the sample, the province has designed more than and 50 boutique travel routes and products. Tian Junxue introduction, at present, the province has received the ability of pension institutions, reception facilities more than 53 thousand beds, by the end of 2020, the province’s ability to reach the elderly people to receive more than 600 thousand people. Provincial Civil Affairs Department is working with the relevant departments to coordinate communication, research and solve the problem of migrant workers to settle in Heilongjiang remote medical insurance. In the country before the introduction of relevant policies, Heilongjiang plans to refer to the practice of Hainan Province, the source of migratory birds in Heilongjiang relatively concentrated Claus, take "the agreement on the point, the establishment of medical insurance remote settlement policy.相关的主题文章: