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Citigroup the central bank cut interest rates nanzu AUD and NZD rose www.bv2008.cn

Citigroup: the central bank cut interest rates nanzu AUD and NZD rose Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! FX168 financial newspaper news (Hongkong) foreign exchange dealers — the world’s largest Citigroup (Citigroup Inc) said that Australia and New Zealand policymakers face the Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar rally almost incapable of action. Citibank foreign exchange strategist in Singapore Todd Elmer pointed out that due to the global central bank holdings in the euro and pound sterling and other currency positions, the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar may thus benefit. (source: Peng Bo, FX168 financial network) in countries and regions such as Japan and the euro zone by buying assets to borrowing costs remain low as the AUD and NZD yields in developed countries. In order to attract investors. Elmer also said that the Australian dollar rose may be close to 5%, to the top of the 0.80, the New Zealand dollar rose more than 2%, to $0.75, which is the highest level since 2015 of May. Which option market investor sentiment and Citigroup is expected to agree without prior without previous consultation on the Australian and New Zealand, the traders yuan bearish sentiment is at its lowest level since 2014. He also pointed out: the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar is our favorite currency, a lot of liquidity into the financial system. In this case, the risk appetite will be strengthened to some extent and people can get a certain profit." Even if the RBA and the New Zealand Federal Reserve (RBNZ) cut interest rates to record lows of 1.5% and $2% respectively, the performance of the two currencies over the past three months is still higher than other G10 currencies. Thursday (August 25th) Asian market trading, AUD $0.7623 NZD $0.7309. In the global decline in inflation and monetary stimulus record, the Reserve Bank of Australia and New Zealand fed to raise consumer prices, the Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar exchange rate elasticity to make their efforts suffered setbacks. Wheeler, chairman of New Zealand’s Graeme, said that despite his desire to cut interest rates further in order to stimulate inflation, but a series of rapid rate cuts is also unreasonable Wheeler. August 11th, the New Zealand Federal Reserve to reduce the official discount rate and further relax the policy, the New Zealand dollar surge. Wheeler responded by saying that the impact of foreign exchange rate policy is very limited. Federal Reserve Chairman Stevens (GlennStevens) said this month that the effectiveness of monetary policy is approaching its maximum. In August 2nd, the Reserve Bank of Australia within 4 months to cut interest rates second times, while the Australian dollar unmoved. The Federal Reserve (FED) vice president Fisher (Stanley Fischer) on Sunday hinted that the 2016 interest rate hike is still under consideration; the distance of Queen Yellen in August 26th Jackson’s upcoming Holzer conference speech in less than a week, when the global main central theory相关的主题文章: