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Chongqing illegally parked automatic capture system to enable these local parking were shot ravbin

Chongqing illegally parked automatic capture system to enable these local parking were shot in Jiangbei five according to Ping Traffic and patrol police detachment responsible person, vehicle in sections Jinting illegal parking, mobile phone number to send short message "illegal parking notice" registration system to illegally parked vehicles when registering, inform the owners to leave immediately. If the illegal parking and panoramic system will leave immediately, and the license plate number, illegal vehicle automated snap fixing evidence, and transmitted to the Traffic and patrol police detachment of the background, the implementation of the audit system of penalties for illegal entry. At present, Jiangbei District 32 sets of automatic capture illegal parking system startup, the first opening sections include: Nine street the Yanghe River Road intersection, nine high street house, nine imperial street intersection, North Street North Street and WAL-MART, 88K worldwide, the Agricultural Bank of North Street, North Street and North Street intersection is booming, a good home district, Hyatt Regency, north of the city Citibank street, North Street and CITIC Bank, North Street and the Far East department store, Maoye Bangxing north gate, the new century garage entrance, Chinese medicine hospital, Guanyin Bridge police station, the three Street overpass, red Ding building B under the channel mouth, red Ding B building entrance, three pedestrian street entrance, Bangxing north and development the intersection, expand the building by Jin Gang walls, all the garage exit, Liquidambar Pavilion intersection, the emperor will three water street, pedestrian street back door of the new world future international brands The flower bed pole, dream 21 Ring Road entrance, pedestrian street north entrance, the district Procuratorate, Cuntan Subdistrict Office, poly Hui Nga town C District South Gate, coke and other sections of simon. It is understood that the system not only supports automatic illegally parked capture range, multi angle, uninterrupted, can overcome the weather and environment change interference, the lens can be 360 degrees automatically turn to shoot, the owners want to get away with almost impossible to avoid.相关的主题文章: