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Chinese maritime rescue coordination center the United States Coast Guard rescue Guo Chuan – Sports -ca1835

Chinese maritime rescue coordination center the United States Coast Guard rescue Guo Chuan – Sports Sohu Beijing time on October 26th, according to Xinhua News Agency sports administrative micro-blog said, near the sea is single sailing across the Pacific Chinese occupation contestant Guo Sichuan in the yacht sailed to Hawaii, at 25 PM Beijing time three points after the team lost contact with the shore. At present, Chinese maritime search and rescue center were coordinated by the United States Coast Guard search and rescue, the rescue boat carrying helicopters arrived at the scene today, let us pray for peace Guo chuan. As the "first person" Chinese occupation sailing, sailing events in the international well-known Guo Sichuan has many "first", such as "the first Volvo global sailing Asian", "the first solo across the English Channel Chinese" etc.. In November 18, 2012, Guo Chuan is about to open the voyage of sailing around the world. The sea has experienced nearly 138 days, more than 21600 miles of hard sailing, Guo Chuan on the morning of April 5, 2013 8 when driving around the "Qingdao" sailing to the home port of Qingdao, became the first single uninterrupted global navigation achievements Albert Chinese, also recognized by the International Sailing Federation will create 40 foot sailing single uninterrupted sailing around the world record. Guo Chuan sailing sailing time in Beijing on October 19th at 5:24 11 seconds from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Jinshan, Shanghai as the destination for a single uninterrupted record across the Pacific voyage. October 25th at about 15, Guo Chuan and shore team and relatives and friends by satellite telephone contact, informed of the navigation at that time, readme sailing smoothly, it is estimated that in November, 5, 6, arrived at the destination of Shanghai. But shortly thereafter, the team sailed on the coast of the east coast of, sailing ships sailing speed in the waters of Hawaii to observe the situation, while the satellite phone and Internet communications are no response, in a state of loss. 26 at noon, Guo Chuanan team received the Beijing International Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) news: fixed wing search and rescue aircraft sent us after 4 hours of flight has arrived in the waters where the sailing boat found the spinnaker, drowning, no one on deck, radio call no answer, the plane circled one hour after the fuel consumption limit return. Subsequently, the Kawa team to get feedback from the Consulate General in Losangeles consulate, contact search and rescue agencies in Honolulu, highlighted the need for the search and rescue work concerns, continue to search for work and increase the range of requirements. In the first search and rescue aircraft return voyage, a search and rescue aircraft has taken off the rescue flight. In addition, the United States Navy confirmed that two ships had been sent to the trimaran for boarding. (baozhizhu)相关的主题文章: