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Chinese classic LPGA five Chinese players in the first round of the break into the top ten – China N-hhh49.com

Chinese pine LPGA classic first round of five Chinese players broke into the top ten – Beijing new network in Beijing in September 29, pine LPGA classic China today for the first round of the tournament, under the leadership of Feng Shanshan, a total of 5 Chinese in Earth’s hands in the top ten, the other four is Pan Yanhong, Yang Tao, Li Ye Ziqi and amateur golfer Liu Wenbo. China three players Feng Shanshan, Yang Taoli, Pan Yanhong shot 68, par 5 (PAR: 73), and the American player Salas lizeth (Lizette Salas), Jennifer – Song (Jennifer Song) tied for third place. Ye Ziqi, Liu Wenbo (amateur) hit 69, lower than the standard par 4, also among the top ten among the tied for the top eighth. Today before you go out, my goal is to make -5 the middle rod, missed some birds opportunities, but also encountered five hole directly hit the ball into the hole, hit the eagle, "Feng Shanshan summed up his performance today," overall, last played -5 bar, also completed my first the target." Two other local representatives are the strength of the war patrol woman, Yang Taoli in the last 12 holes to catch 6 birds, and Pan Yanhong caught 4 birds in the 5 hole transition, and at the end of a wonderful save par hole. "Today was the nine hole of a front on the 5 hole only on a green, swing feeling a little tight, after the transition the weather good, good physical condition," Yang Taoli said, "after nine holes played very well, caught 5 birds, very satisfied with the result. This result makes me feel that I still have the strength, I hope this strength can be maintained." Pan Yanhong and Yang Taoli is the same type of player to serve distance, she admitted that the stadium is suitable for this kind of player they play. "Because I played too far, this golf course fairway is wide, so my strategy is as close as possible to the green." Pan Yanhong said, the stadium has five holes in the hole, I am very suitable for such players, because I basically can hit the green side of the two bars, such a distance is not particularly long for me." LPGA China elite in September 29th to October 2nd at the Niklaus Manor Golf Course held by the women’s tour and the United States women’s tour joint certification. The total prize money of $2 million 100 thousand, "China LPGA elite" is the end of the Rio Olympic Games, the world’s first domestic golf tournament held in china. The pine LPGA China elite contest a total of 22 China earth hand battle, including the Rio Olympic bronze medalist Shan Shan Feng, played the Olympic women’s golf history the first hole in one of Lin Xiyu, Pan Yanhong, Yang Taoli, women’s champion Shi Yuting, Yan Panpan, national team player Ye Ziqi, Zhang Jie, Na Lin, Zhang Weiwei etc. 18 players and 4 amateur golfers occupation. (end)相关的主题文章: