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China tourists in the Korean fried chicken shop eat instant noodles are discouraged at the clerk wit lata-01

China tourists in the Korean fried chicken shop eat instant noodles are discouraged at the clerk comes 5 China Hong Kong media said, mainland tourists to a South Korean fried chicken meal, do not shop can not eat foreign food "ban", with edible instant noodles. From Taiwan the salesgirl discouraged when diners unexpectedly attack beatings, swearing. As the diners, was eventually arrested the Korean police. According to Hongkong’s "Economic Daily" website reported on September 9th, a Taiwanese fried chicken shop in South Korea posted on social networking sites, 5 mainland tourists to the restaurant, the first child to hungry grounds, to soak a bowl of noodles to eat to the child, the clerk to see a child, so allow them to bring the food to eat. How this group of mainland tourists, then unexpectedly again to buy 3 bowls of instant noodles, the reason is not to provide rice noodle shop. Dissuasion, they once took away the noodles. The article says, but not for a long time, the number of mainland tourists still put the other 2 bowls of instant noodles to eat out. In another store, the clerk stepped forward to stop, but scold cry, then again to stop the Taiwan shop, mainland tourists had flashed tattoo, said he was "rogue", and said that because of his diabetes, so before taking medicine to eat. The Taiwan post clerk and then from 3 bowls of instant noodles in a bowl off land recovery, then, the conflict started roaring. Could not collect noodles off land, after the waitress rushed into the store to the kitchen, vowed to waitress out to apologize, once wanted to hit, had posted the text of the Taiwanese, but still they defy mainland tourists to intolerable to the ear words. Reported that, until the store alarm, the police through the monitor, this group of talent away arrogance, just want reconciliation, but it was already late, these people were detained last exit restrictions in korea. Reported that the fried chicken shop in South Korea said on its official website, most of the stores are forbidden to eat out, but if you cannot read Korean, so please say Chinese service staff informed. After watching friends have said "service industry did hard ah, but also some people said" don’t provoke confrontation with the native place". Editor: Chen Chen SN225相关的主题文章: