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China Navy’s first training ship to sail! The first exposure of the concept map – Henan branch – Peo-519697

China Navy’s first training ship to sail! Concept map first exposure — Henan Net – people.com.cn original title: Chinese Navy’s first training ship to sail! Concept map of the first exposure of small partners, remember half a month ago to visit the Chilean Navy Esmeralda sailing training ship it? These two days, and the good news! I will have the first navy sail training ship in September 26th morning, I first navy training ship sails "waves" the ship forces established ceremony was held in Guangzhou, the Navy deputy chief of staff Hu Zhongming announced the "waves", then ship troops under the notification and "waves" the captain ordered the office, and then ship the work request, Dalian naval academy dean Yan Zhengming announced the "waves" command post political commissar. This marks an important people’s naval vessels sail training ship sequence will increase the passing of a naval maritime culture, training skills, carry out foreign military exchanges. The first sail training ship hull Number 86 ship named "waves", "ride the wind and waves" of Italy under the Dalian naval academy a training ship detachment "waves" number in May this year to start the construction is expected by the end of 2017. It is said that "the waves" look like this in the GSI (Xin Jing and Yang Xiaona: commissioning editor original title: Chinese) Navy’s first training ship to sail! The concept map "through" the first exposure to ship captain 85 meters 11 meters wide standard displacement of 1200 tons maximum sail area of 2630 square meters to maximize sail speed of about 18 "waves", mainly used for training high mast, sail cable, playing knots, astronomical navigation and other basic seamanship skills and traditional navigation skills students of Naval Academy, naval officers and soldiers will exercise training guts, team spirit, marine navigational skills and quality, but also take to carry out foreign military exchanges and promote the Navy special culture function. Said so much, in the end what is windsurfing training ship? Sail training ship is to acquire power with sails for naval college students and seaman training service ships at sea. Training ship appeared in the middle of the nineteenth Century, has been specially designed to build, but also useful for the modification of other ships, began sailing, and later fitted with steam engine as an auxiliary power plant. At present, there are 24 countries in the world (Navy Coast Guard) with 29 ships sailing training ship. American Eagle sail training ship U.S. Coast Guard "Eagle" sail training ship built in 1936, built by Germany, after the end of World War II by the United States Coast Guard received as a trophy. The ship is a steel ship sails a buck, an area of 2355 square meters. Captain 90 meters, 12 meters wide, 4.9 meters draft, with a displacement of 1816 tons, a crew of 65 people (including 19 officers), with 180 students.   (Xin Jing and Yang Xiaona: commissioning editor) original title: China Navy’s first training ship to sail! The concept map’s first exposure to Ecuador "guayas" windsurfing)相关的主题文章: