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China – Asia Europe port entry exit health quarantine Cooperation Forum held in pullip

Chinese – Asia Europe port entry-exit health and quarantine Cooperation Forum held in Beijing – Beijing, Urumqi in September 20, (Hu Jiachen) 20, the fifth session of the Chinese – Asia Europe Expo series forum one of the China – Europe port entry-exit health and quarantine Cooperation Forum held in Xinjiang, Urumqi. From Russia, Maldives, Mongolia, Burma, Pakistan, Spain, South Korea, WHO offices in China, the European Union and other countries and regions and international organizations, as well as the guests and representatives of hundreds of domestic participants. Deputy director of Chinese AQSIQ Chen Gang said in his speech, with the "trade between The Belt and Road and vigorously promote the construction of Asian and European countries is increasing, countries are facing more security challenges, including port health safety cross-border spread of diseases caused by etc.. The maintenance of port health and safety is an important responsibility of the health and quarantine departments of various countries, only to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with each other, in order to better ensure the smooth progress of transportation and trade. It is understood that, from 2012 to 2016, Chinese state quality inspection administration led to the 266 operators in the national open ports all reached the "International Health Regulations (2005)" the core capacity requirements; promote the 10 airports, 9 harbour International Sanitary Airport successfully created (port). Chen Fengfuzhen, director general of the WHO, with the word "extraordinary" highly affirmed the achievements of China’s core competence building, and proposed to promote the Chinese model and the Chinese experience to the world. Chen Gang said, hope that through this forum, to promote the "International Health Regulations (2005)" the core capacity building, promoting the Chinese Eurasia "The Belt and Road along partner countries health and Quarantine of extensive and in-depth cooperation. We also hope that we will hold a forum on health and quarantine cooperation between China and Europe on a regular basis, and gradually establish a sound multilateral or bilateral cooperation mechanism. Pakistan Central Health Council Secretary General Nasamoho Martin said in an interview with reporters, the construction of Pakistan Economic Corridor has important significance for the economic development of Pakistan, to participate in the forum is to Pakistan joint epidemic prevention and quarantine work to further. We also confirmed that the two countries will sign a memorandum of cooperation, involving technical, scientific research and other aspects, which I am full of good vision. During the forum, representatives of 11 domestic and international organizations on the theme of the entry exit quarantine, elaborated the situation of cooperation and exchanges and future cooperation and development proposals. Through the exchange of speeches, experience sharing, the China and The Belt and Road along and neighboring countries to make substantial progress in entry-exit health and quarantine cooperation. It is reported that the forum organized by the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, Xinjiang entry exit inspection and quarantine bureau. (end)相关的主题文章: