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Children love to touch the body is masturbation Do you need to stop it Sohu –9c8996

Children love to touch the body is masturbation? Do you need to stop it? Sohu – Author: maternal mother spoon powder state will blow the whistle kettle @ questions 2 nubao, often their tummy and handle or towel quilt, what put down, ass a shrug, how to deal with, want to stop? Experts answer @ spoon mom encountered this problem, first of all, parents do not worry too much. Two year old baby is still small, reason may not understand, so the parents guide is very important. When the baby is asleep, this behavior does not need to stop, let her sleep as usual, for the baby, this is the same with the hands to appease behavior. During the day when the baby is never repeated, parents need to distract the attention of the baby with something else. For example, take toys to play with her, or take the baby out for a walk, play a. Do not use a baby to make mistakes, bad attitude, which is easy for children to have a false sense of shame and guilt. This little girl, there are some children playing genital behavior, from the educational point of view, the child is a little touch sensitive, she will feel very stimulating to some special love or hate. Parents usually can play with the kids some tactile stimulation of the game, such as touch, touch ball massage, also more children play sand, play in the water. In addition, from the perspective of education, parents can give the baby to tell some story. I like "chicken chicken", "Serena forward", "where I come from" and so on, let the baby began to learn cognitive organs of the body, and slowly formed concept, understand their own gender.相关的主题文章: