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Chengdu is not only rich in hot pot, as well as Peugeot 4008- Sohu p8400

Chengdu is not only rich in Hot pot, and the Peugeot 4008- car Sohu had DPCA produced xuewang, I think domestic quality must be good. The man of cefoxitin sodium flight landed in Chengdu, I’ll take a rain. Even with the umbrella, and is still soaked through. The rain, so I smelled the smell of rain returning to the south. Many people say that Chengdu is a city that does not want to leave. Indeed, at the Chengdu auto show, I can often hear the beauty and delicacy of his colleagues, and the two day Chengdu gave me the deepest impression is xuewang. First, a bit tired from Shanghai to Chengdu, two thousand kilometers or half a day, but somehow, with eager, suddenly a little lost — perhaps, is the reason for the work. This is a leisure city, I was in the early morning overcast is pulled into the dragon company factory in Chengdu in its first product of Dongfeng Peugeot ceremony. It will face with his weariness. In my few working memory, the vehicle is often very boring, monotonous settings, noisy machines and dirty environment. But this seems to be different, walked into the factory, the factory in Chengdu dragon looks a bit like a modern car city. Not only that, compared to the previous secretive confidentiality agreement to visit, the visit was shooting free media! Automatic, automatic and automatic through the factory, you will find that the whole factory like by magic, that the cold, heavy machines are endowed with soul and thoughts. AGV the car along the laying of underground warehouse and magnetic stripe back and forth across the line, will automatically match the material transported to the next station. Manipulator with high accuracy to each part of the automatic installation. Indeed, visitors to the car to mention the most is the 100% automation rate, and in the course of the visit, I even saw a complete production line of only three or four people can operate. In the welding workshop, Chengdu Shenlong factory not only using 435 robots to achieve 100% automatic welding, but also the world’s largest ultra large hexahedral turntable installation. Listen to the engineer said, with this equipment, a production line can produce six kinds of models, to avoid the waste caused by repeated construction lines. In addition to the high rate of automation, factory workshop and production technology is also very green". In stamping workshop, fully enclosed production line is dust and noise; in the welding workshop, using laser welding, welding technology, intermediate station exhaust dedusting system to reduce dust, protect the health of employees; in the coating part, integrated free coating and green processing technology with water environmental protection paint, spray technology and application of dry preheating energy recovery technology and environmental protection; logistics transportation, welding, painting, assembly used in friction conveying technology, energy saving and noise reduction. Let the person aftertaste is that Chengdu is xuewang chowhound paradise, thought I missed and delicacy but did not expect, the Dragon Industry相关的主题文章: